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Organizations That We Support

Beyond Toxics

Beyond toxics The work covered by this fabulous organization and their long streak of environmental successes is enough to warrant the support from many of us who are concerned about the total environmental integrity of our great state of Oregon.

Mountain Rose Herbs does all it can in helping our good friends at Beyond Toxics by paying for some of their printing costs, donating necessary funds for action campaigns, sponsoring their annual events, and distributing timely and important campaign material. In addition to this our Vice President Shawn Donnile sits on the board of directors. If you live in Oregon and want to ensure a healthy and vibrant landscape within our lovely state, please support them in any way you can.


Carbonfund Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to have converted to 100% renewable energy by transferring its conventional electrical power usage to renewable energy sources, credits, and development through the Carbonfund. Learn what you can do to lessen your carbon footprint by visiting Carbonfund..

Cascadia Wildlands

Cascadia wildlands A truly needed organization in the Pacific Northwest that is dedicated to protecting the forests, waters and wildlife of the Cascadia region. These fine folks aggressively promote a more compassionate and responsible relationship with the ecosystems of this particular region we call home, and we could not imagine our great region without them! Mountain Rose Herbs assists Cascadia Wildlands with substantial annual contributions and event sponsorships, and we periodically donate time and services for important campaigns.

This organization is smaller than most environmental groups and they could use all they help they can get, so please visit them online.

Center for Biological Diversity

Center for biological diversity Without a complex habitat full of multi-tiered species, scientists unanimously agree that our world would be rendered useless and infertile. For this very reason Mountain Rose Herbs has chosen to support the work of this tireless organization that is the nation's leading defender of imperiled wildlife across the world. The main mission of this fine organization is to secure a future for all species, great or small, that are hovering on the brink of extinction and Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to be an annual financial donor.


Earthshare We are proud to be an EarthShare Business Member and we have setup a generous employee giving program which connects our staff with like-minded environmental organizations that work to protect and defend the places we hold dear. Through this program Mountain Rose Herbs generates thousands of dollars each year for numerous non-profits in the state of Oregon.

Fair For Life

Fairforlife We are proud to be a Fair For Life certified organization, and thanks to this unique program we are able to guarantee fair compensation for the farmers and producers for many of our teas, herbs, spices and more.We wholeheartedly embrace the very mission and motive of this truly phenomenal organization that spearheaded the global Fair Trade movement, and we look forward to our continued partnership with them indefinitely. If you want to learn more about what Fair Trade means to you, please visit them.

Farm Sanctuary

Farmsanctuary For the purpose of expressing our absolute adoration for all sentient beings, Mountain Rose Herbs is an annual financial donor to this much loved organization which is committed to providing respite and care for rescued farm animals. In addition to this, we have set them up with a free account where they may order all the materials they need for the holistic care and emergency treatment of rescued farm animals without ever having to pay one penny to us. For those who love animals of all shapes and sizes, this is the organization for you.

Friends of Trees

Friendsoftrees Mountain Rose Herbs is pleased to support an organization that has a solid track record planting and caring for trees. Since 1989, they've planted more than 450,000 trees in the Portland-Vancouver and the Eugene-Springfield metro areas. As a sponsor of their Green Space Initiative, this partnership is more than just a monetary donation. Mountain Rose Herbs' employees have the opportunity to get their hands dirty to increase urban canopy cover and inspire residents to care for existing trees.

Green America

Greenamerica As an active and standing member of Green America, Mountain Rose Herbs has been screened and approved for our commitment to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, demonstrating care for their customers, communities, workers, and the environment. Supporting socially and environmentally responsible businesses is an important step in forging an economy that supports social justice, healthy communities, and ecological balance.

McKenzie River Trust

Mrt Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to be a scheduled financial contributor to this stellar organization whose mission it is to protect our legacy of healthy rivers within the greater Willamette Valley. In addition to financial assistance, we also assist the McKenzie River Trust with the promotion of their events and we are a scheduled event sponsor. If you live in Oregon and love rivers, this organization must make it to your list of organizations to support.

Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council

Watershed council As a volunteer-based organization, the Middle Fork Willamette Watershed Council provides a crucial service to monitor and improve water quality in our area. Along with an annual contribution, Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to partner with them on restoration projects and to sponsor and promote events. We completely support their mission to restore and sustain the ecological integrity of riparian habitats for this and future generations to enjoy.

Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service

Moses Mountain Rose Herbs is a regular financial contributor for this inspiring organization, and we are one of the leading sponsors for their annual Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference. Please support them and their work by helping to transform agriculture into a sustainable organic system of farming that is ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just. An indispensable organization for the organic movement and of particular interest to those that live in the Upper Midwest Region.

Northwest Coalition for
Alternatives to Pesticides

Ncap A truly informative, resourceful and action oriented organization that we are proud to be affiliated with. Mountain Rose Herbs assists NCAP in disseminating information and action alerts to the public concerning pressing pesticide issues, and in the promotion of pesticide-free living. In addition to this we make annual donations for their numerous campaigns and we are one of the primary sponsors at their annual event. Check out their website to get printable brochures and flyers on pesticides, lawn poisons, alternatives to harmful chemicals, resources for the home and garden tips.

Oregon Wild

Oregon wild What more can be said about Oregon Wild? They are one of Oregon's finest environmental organizations fighting for the preservation of our wild and open places and all of the critters that live within them. From Salmon protection to the West and Wolf introduction to the East, we believe that Oregon would not be the special place to work, live, or play without the efforts of Oregon Wild. Currently Mountain Rose Herbs is one of their largest tier financial supporters and we sponsor every Wild Wednesday event that they produce. If you love the wild splendor of Oregon, you must support this organization.

Organic Consumers Association

Organic consumers A much needed resource to help protect the integrity of organic products and the rights of organic consumers! Mountain Rose Herbs is a monthly financial donor, and we assist them in their campaigns for truthful labeling, GMO free markets, and the protection of organic standards. Every organic consumer should give this organization a little bit of their time while the word organic still means something.

Organic Growers School

Organic growers school For those of you who live near the "Carolinas" we recommend connecting with the stellar organization that provides organic growing skills, education, and networking opportunities to those that want to start or enhance their own sustainable agriculture system. Mountain Rose Herbs is a proud sponsor of the Organic Growers School Annual Conference and we routinely donate to them for special events.

Organic Seed Alliance

Organic seed alliance Mountain Rose Herbs is a regular financial contributor and seed information distributor for this desperately needed organization that supports the ethical development and stewardship of organic agricultural seed. They accomplish their goals through collaborative education and research programs with organic farmers and other seed professionals. If you require information on organic and non-gmo seed types, stocks, and producers; this is the organization to visit!

Pacific Rivers Council

Pacific rivers council Mountain Rose Herbs maintains a close and intimate relationship with Pacific Rivers Council which is an organization that protects, defends, and enhances rivers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We assist this organization through financial contributions, we periodically engage in new member outreach, and we work with them on developing marketing materials to help them reach a wider audience. If you love healthy rivers, and if you want to keep them that way, you must support the work of Pacific Rivers Council.

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide action network Mountain Rose Herbs is a regular financial contributor for this active organization who is at the forefront of the pesticide reform movement! In addition to this we also donate products to their charity events and we distribute pesticide use information on their behalf. Anyone concerned about the excessive use of pesticides must give this group a moment of their time.

United Plant Savers

Unitedplantsavers Since their inception Mountain Rose Herbs has financially contributed to and actively co-campaigned with this organization.
We follow their recommendations for threatened species and make decisions to either stock or discontinue botanicals based on their notifications concerning the status of particular plants, and we sponsor their annual events and make substantial financial contributions to them as well. Their mission is to ensure healthy stands of threatened or endangered medicinal plants and they offer information on planting your own endangered herb garden. Fun site with loads of advice, a newsletter and membership services.

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