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Books and Literature on
Herbal Medicine

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21st Century Herbalists

by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Softcover (376 pages) 2010-2012
Read the stories of "rock star" herbalists in this eclectic collection of interviews. Jesse Wolf Hardin presents intimate conversations with 21 of the most intriguing herbalists and foragers of the 21stCentury. Properly subtitled "Rock-Stars, Radicals & Root Doctors", this book is filled with previously unshared stories, underutilized herbs, herbal healing traditions, and inspiring advise from a collection of well-known herbalists. Including Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, David Hoffman, 7Song, Ryan Drum, Kiva Rose Hardin, and many more!

Qty: Book- 21st Century Herbalists $39.00

A Kids Herb Book

by Lesley Tierra

Softcover (263 pages) 2005
This is a positively delightful book, packed with 264 pages of illustrations, charming herb facts, coloring pages, herb check lists, funny stories, herbal bed time stories, a "how to make" section, herbal mythology written for kids,and a plethora of engaging herbal information for the young ones. So fun, even we had a hard time putting it down!
Highly recommended for kids and adults!

Qty: Book- A Kids Herb Book $19.95

A Modern Herbal (two volumes)

by Mrs. Grieve

Softcover (902 pages combined) 1981
Truly the fullest, most exact, and most useful compilation of herbal material. Gigantic alphabetical encyclopedia, from aconite to zedoary, gives botanical information, medical properties, folklore, economic uses, and much more. Indispensable to the serious reader and herbalist alike. Both books provide over 161 illustrations.

Qty: BOOK- A Modern Herbal (two volumes) $35.90

Breverton's Complete Herbal

by Terry Breverton

Hardcover (383 pages) 2011
A modern day classic with more than 350 years of wisdom. This alphabetically arranged reference book is a reworking of Nicholas Culpeper's classic The English Physitian and Complete Herbal which was first printed in 1653. From herbal remedies to home cooking, this diverse compendium describes 250 of Culpeper's herbs and spices including Latin name and family, use descriptions, beautiful botanical drawings, and much more!

Qty: Book- Breverton’s Complete Herbal $19.95

Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine

by Steven Foster and Rebecca L. Johnson

Hardcover (416 pages) 2006
This incredibly large book features 350 full-color photographs by Steven Foster on some of the most popular medicinal herbs used throughout the world. Abundantly filled with photos, botanical drawings, and maps, this fact-filled book is arranged alphabetically, making it quick and accessible desk reference guide for hundreds of different herbs and spices. Each one is clearly described, with full details of its physical appearance and medicinal uses; its origins and geographic distribution, how it's harvested and used in conventional and alternative medicine, a range map; and more.

Qty: BOOK- Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine $40.00

Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Cat Care

by Randy Kidd, D.V.M.

Softcover (203 pages) 2000
Holistic veterinarian Dr. Randy Kidd explains how herbs can be used for the safe and natural care of cats. This guide to complete herbal care for cats includes simple introductions to holistic cat care, how herbs work, dosage and potency, and methods for delivering herbs into a cat's system. This volume also includes chapters on common ailments and how to address each of them herbally including preventive care, approaches for age-related problems, the treatment of chronic conditions, calming a nervous animal, getting rid of parasites, addressing liver conditions and much more.

Qty: BOOK- Dr. Kidd's Herbal Cat Care $14.95

Dr. Kidd's Guide to Herbal Dog Care

by Randy Kidd, D.V.M.

Softcover (203 pages) 2000
Holistic veterinarian Dr. Randy Kidd explains how herbs can be used for the safe and natural care of dogs. This guide to complete herbal care for dogs includes simple introductions to holistic dog care, how herbs work, dosage and potency, and methods for delivering herbs into a dog's system. This volume also includes chapters on common ailments and how to address each of them herbally including preventive care, approaches for age-related problems, the treatment of chronic conditions, calming a nervous animal, getting rid of parasites, addressing urinary tract conditions and much more.

Qty: BOOK- Dr. Kidd's Herbal Dog Care $14.95

Hands on Healing Remedies

by Stephanie L. Tourles

Softcover (320 pages) 2012
Clean out your medicine cabinet and replace artificial commercial balms and liniments with all-natural handmade herbal remedies. Filled with 150 recipes that are easy to prepare from readily available ingredients, this book will help you take control of your well-being and stock your family's medicine cabinet with your own custom-made healing remedies. From Coconut-Honey Bliss Lip Butter for dried lips to Lavender Ice to reduce pain and swelling, you will find what you need to soothe everything from backaches and blisters to insect bites and insomnia.

Qty: BOOK- Hands on Healing Remedies $18.95

Healing Wise

by Susun Weed

Softcover (295 pages) 1989
A gift of herbal wisdom and an outstanding herbal reference from the feminine intuitive mode of healing. Explains and compares three traditions of healing; Scientific, Heroic and Wise Woman which she discusses in detail.

Qty: BOOK- Healing Wise $17.95

Herbal Antibiotics

by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Softcover (468 pages) 2012
This essential guide to building your natural defenses against drug-resistant bacteria is an important book for anyone interested in natural health care. Stephen Harrod Buhner offers conclusions that plant medicines should be our first line of defense against resistant infections. His indispensable reference explains the roots of antibiotic resistance, explores the value of herbal treatments, and provides in-depth profiles of the most reliably effective herbs, giving you the confidence to identify the best herbal formulas and make medicines yourself.

Qty: Book- Herbal Antibiotics $24.95

Herbal Handbook

by David Hoffman

Softcover (240 pages) 1998
In this comprehensive guide, Hoffmann explains specific actions individual herbs have on the body and suggests herbal prescriptions for a variety of conditions. An indispensable user's guide to medical herbalism, that is comprehensive, up-to-date and extremely practical.

Qty: BOOK- Herbal Handbook $16.95

Herbal Healing for Children

by Demetria Clark

Softcover (224 pages) 2011
This easy-to-follow, hands-on guide gives parents safe and effective alternatives to powerful medicines whose side effects can make their children feel worse. In these pages you'll find an introduction to herbal medicine, an explanation of how each herb works, and important information about herbs you should always have on hand for daily use and first aid. Childhood illnesses are listed in alphabetical order, with remedies immediately following. Herbal Remedies for Children will point you to readily available herbs and herbal products, and will also show you how to gather your own herbs; how to preserve and store them; and how to make your own herbal teas, decoctions, infusions, and salves. This infinitely useful book also includes resources for everything from where to buy herbs, how to grow them, and how to locate a local herbalist.

Qty: Book- Herbal Healing for Children $14.95

Herbal Healing for Women

by Rosemary Gladstar

Softcover (303 pages) 1993
Simple home remedies for women of all ages. A wonderful combination of sound, effective and proven herbal remedies blended with folk wisdom and Rosemary's charismatic charm and energy. Includes step-by step instructions on preparing remedies and an informative and Materia Medica

Qty: BOOK- Herbal Healing for Women $16.00

Herbal Home Remedy Book

by Joyce A Wardwell

Softcover (176 pages) 1998
Clear, detailed and comprehensive recipes for tinctures, teas, salves, wines and syrups. Learn 25 common herbs and use them to make a wide range of herbal preparations. Lots of information blended with Native American stories. Excellent introduction to making herbal medicines.

Qty: BOOK- The Herbal Home Remedy Book $14.95

Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth

by Sharol Tilgner ND

Softcover (439 pages) 2009
New and revised second edition. Practical and accessible for student or expert, this excellent guide and formulary is packed with useful information. Medicinal uses of 192 herbs with dosages, active constituents and contraindications. Herbal formulas organized by body systems, how to make extracts and dictionaries of properties, actions and preparations. Recommended!

Qty: Book- Herbal Medicine from the Heart of Earth $29.95

Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook

by James Green

Softcover (384 pages) 2000
The most practical home manual for any novice user of herbal medicine. This is an extraordinarily entertaining and informative guide on the basic preparation of herbal medicines, with very detailed recipes and instructions. Covers growing, gathering, drying, curing, and how to make extracts, glycerites, salves, lotions, elixirs, and much more! A must have for any herbal student and home medicine maker.

Qty: BOOK- Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook $22.99

Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

by Rosemary Gladstar

Softcover (400 pages) 2001
A remarkable and reaffirming book that warms the heart and confirms the spirit of those closely connected to plants and the medicine they share. Rarely do we meet with such gifted words and this book has clearly described the very essence of herbalism and its "built-in" benevolence. This is a delightful guide to a green lifestyle that will help you, your families, and your loved ones live healthier, happier and more harmonious lives. Full of herbal history,personal stories, herb usage, plant profiles, and stunning photographs. A magnificent 400 page herbal masterpiece that is a must have for all of us.

Qty: BOOK- Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health $16.95

Herbal Remedies For Children's Health

by Rosemary Gladstar

Softcover (75 pages) 1999
Recipes and treatments for children's illnesses like colic, fever, stomach distress, and the common cold. Easy-to-use children's dosage chart for maximum effectiveness and safety, and containing prolific profiles on many of the commonly used herbs. A wonderful and concise manual just for children.

Qty: BOOK- Herbal Remedies For Children's Health $8.95

Jude's Herbal Home Remedies

by Jude C. Todd C.H., M.H

Softcover (384pages) 2002
Discover a simpler, more natural way of life. Pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea, find a quiet corner, and browse through the wealth of natural remedies, household tips, and beauty secrets presented in this tried and true guidebook. Now updated and expanded, Jude's Herbal Home Remedies offers more than 800 recipes for herbal treatments, tinctures, tonics, and teas, using many easy-to-find herbs, as well as a comprehensive herbal index with over 200 botanical illustrations.

Qty: Book- Jude's Herbal Home Remedies $18.95

Making Plant Medicine

by Richo Cech

Softcover (276 pages) 2000
Extraordinarily detailed, simple to use, thorough and humorous. A wonderful medicine-making book. Includes easy and expert recipes for making tinctures, glycerines, succi, syrup, salves etc. Also contains invaluable information including a gardeners formulary covering cultivation, conservation status, uses, formulas and contraindications.
Terrific book, and a popular reference here at Mountain Rose.

Qty: BOOK- Making Plant Medicine $19.95

Medical Herbalism

by David Hoffman

Hardcover (666 pages) 2003
This manual is absolutely gigantic! A whopping 666 pages wrapped up in a beautiful hardbound volume, with dust jacket. Its material is very focused and centered on pharmacognosy, and the medical use of plant medicines. Not recommended for the light reader but a must have for every practitioner, student, teacher, and herbal healer. Sections include, an introduction to the principles and practices of herbal medicine, treatment approaches to the body system, and the marker compounds found in specific plants and their effects on the body. Those studying the science of herbal medicine should have this volume in their library.

Qty: BOOK- Medical Herbalism $60.00

Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide

by Rosemary Gladstar

Softcover (224 pages) 2012
Medicinal herbs are simple to grow, and they can be used to naturally fortify your body. Rosemary Gladstar offers a fresh introduction to growing and using 33 of her favorite herbs, complete with easy-to-follow recipes for brewing restorative teas, blending soothing salves, and making tinctures, oils, syrups, and pills.

Qty: Book- Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide $14.95

Medicinal Mushrooms

by Christopher Hobbs

Softcover (251 pages) 1986
Medicinal Mushrooms is a modern handbook for exploring and understanding the rich traditions of healing fungi in Eastern and Western cultures. Christopher Hobbs thoroughly documents and details the nutritional and health benefits of over 100 species of edible fungi. Here is the most complete work on the cultural, health-promoting, and medicinal uses of mushrooms ever published! Includes color photos, illustrations, recipes, and mushroom profiles.

Qty: BOOK- Medicinal Mushrooms $19.95

Medicinal Plants Of the Pacific West

by Michael Moore

Softcover (359pages) 2001
In Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Michael Moore, renowned herbalist, teacher, and author of several medicinal plant books, presents a one-of-a-kind guide to over 300 species of plants geographically ranging from Baja California to Alaska. This uniquely attractive book educates the reader to both native and introduced species within this region. With over eighty line drawings, forty-four color photographs, maps, and a glossary, this book contains clear and reliable information on: identification and safe uses of the plant, appearance, habitats, therapeutic uses, constituents, and preparations, potential toxicities and medical contraindications, tea making, tincturing, and salve making.

Qty: Book- Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West $22.50

Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers

by Stephen Harrod Buhner

Softcover (534 pages) 1998
Ancient beers were quite different from what we know today. This beautiful and provocative exploration of the sacredness and folklore of ancient fermentation is revealed through 200 plants and hive products. It includes 120 recipes for ancient and indigenous beers and meads from 31 countries and six continents, and the most complete evaluation of honey ever published.

Qty: Book- Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers $19.95

School of Natural Healing

by Dr. John R. Christopher

Hardcover (724 pages) 2009
We are proud to offer this beautiful new edition of Dr. Christopher's world renowned work. This text combines his methods and famous formulas in an easy-to-use volume on herbal therapy for teachers, students and practitioners. Now expanded, revised and updated, this book will enlighten generations to come.

Qty: Book- The School for Natural Healing $79.95

The Anima Herbal Recipe Book

by Dr. Christine King

Softcover (60 pages) 2011
"Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food." That's what Hippocrates advised, and that's the basis for the herbal recipes contained in this book. These are the herbal blends veterinarian Dr. Christine King developed and uses in her practice. Most of the recipes are designed for horses and other grazing animals, but some can also be used in dogs and cats. Some of the blends were formulated primarily for nutritional purposes, others primarily medicinal, but all are safe, palatable, easy to use, and road-tested. Now with this recipe book you can make them for your own animals.

Qty: Book- The Anima Herbal Recipe Book $24.95

The Book of Herbal Wisdom

by Matthew Wood

Softcover (580 pages) 1997
In this work on Northern American herbs, Wood relies on the herbal wisdom from Native Americans, Quakers, and the English as well as descriptions from botanical literature and his own clinical observations to explain the uses of a variety of herbs. One by one, Woods examines 36 herbs, showing how each one reflects the various principles, doctrines, experiences, and patterns of knowledge from the natural world. This work includes a complete outline of historical and contemporary medicinal uses for the plants covered along with 38 line drawings.

Qty: Book- The Book of Herbal Wisdom $20.00

The Encyclopedia of Herbs

by By Arthur O. Tucker and Thomas DeBaggio

Hardcover (604 pages) 2009
This meticulously researched compendium provides every aspect of growing, identifying, harvesting, preserving, and using more than 500 species of herbs. Thorough profiles provide a plant's botanical name and family, whether it is an annual or perennial, its height, hardiness, light requirements, water consumption, required soil type, and pH. The often fascinating history of the plant, the chemistry of its essential oils, and its culinary, landscape, and craft uses are also included, as is advice on propagation.

Qty: Book- The Encyclopedia of Herbs $39.95

The Green Pharmacy

by James Duke

Softcover (617 pages) 1997
From one of our most revered herbalists comes this concise little book with an A-Z format covering over 120 herbal treatments for health conditions. An authoritive, readable guide written from an enjoyable and at times humorous point of view. From Age-old folk remedies to up-to-date studies, this handy reference manual will prove a useful volume for both novice and experienced herbalists.

Qty: BOOK- The Green Pharmacy $8.99

The Male Herbal

by James Green

Softcover (340 pages) 2007
In The Male Herbal James Green outlines the medicinal uses of numerous herbs for male-specific issues, while emphasizing prevention and health rather than illness. Introducing a new constitutional model, this revised edition provides every man with a personalized plan geared to his individual body type, lifestyle, and needs. This trusted herbal handbook, specifically for men and boys, covers physical and emotional health and is organized alphabetically by herb for easy reference with recipes.

Qty: BOOK- The Male Herbal $16.95

The New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way

by Susun Weed

Softcover (280 pages) 2002
A wonderful resource for every woman. An encouraging, practical and poetic approach to all aspects of menopause. If you or anyone you know is approaching or experiencing menopause...get this book.

Qty: BOOK- Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way $16.95

The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs

by Michael Tierra and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Softcover (372 pages) 2008
Ashwagandha for stamina and vitality, arjuna for heart health, dandelion for breast wellness, and gokshura to reach a sexual peak, traditional Ayurveda, which uses the principles of the three doshas, along with constitutional body typing and highly individualized therapies, is the oldest continously practiced healing system on Earth. Over those many centuries, generations of Ayurvedic scholars and physicians have reviewed, inspected, dissected and refined the system to perfect a highly effective form of health, balance and healing. Now, two of the world's leading Ayurvedic herbalists, both leaders of the holistic health renaissance, and who, together, bring a total of over 75 years of practice to this work, have crafted a manual for making Ayurveda understandable and eminently useful.

Qty: BOOK- The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs $24.95

The Way Of Chinese Herbs

by Michael Tierra

Softcover (474 pages) 1998
A complete manual focusing on the uses of Chinese herbs, and their effects on particular parts of the body. Discussing preventive, holistic, and restorative properties, this remarkable book proves the merits of Chinese herbs as a truly natural path to well-being. Also includes a thorough discussion on philosophy, the five elements, historic Chinese methods and proper balancing. Recommended for both beginners and the advanced.

Qty: BOOK- The Way of Chinese Herbs $30.95

The Way of Herbs

by Michael Tierra

Softcover (416 pages) 1998
Fully updated with the latest developments in herbal science, this book provides an essential guide to gaining and maintaining good health through a holistic approach. This definitive herbal combines the herbology of both Eastern and Western cultures. Explains the use of herbs in a very understandable and usable form.

Qty: BOOK- The Way of Herbs $18.99

Wild Roots

by Douglas B. Elliott

Softcover (128pages) 1995
A Forager's Guide to the Wild Edible and Medicinal Roots, Tubers, Corms, & Rhizomes has been around for more than 25 years and is considered an "underground" classic. Wild Roots offers all nature lovers rare discovery; the chance to look at and learn about the mysterious "other half" of the plant world which lies just beneath our feet. More than 75 plants are covered. You'll learn about roots, rhizomes, corms and tubers. Some specimens discussed are deliciously edible and others you can use to make medicines, shampoo, soap, toothpowder and vegetable dyes. And you will probably chuckle at certain root foraging anecdotes of the author.

Qty: Book- Wild Roots $16.95

Wise Woman Herbal For The Childbearing Years

by Susun Weed

Softcover (171 pages) 1986
Herbal remedies and ideas from pregnancy to childbirth, and into the child's first year. Also covering fertility issues and good health during the formative years. Learn how to prepare your own formulas. Thorough and highly recommended.

Qty: BOOK- Herbal For The Childbearing Years $11.95

Womens Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

by Tori Hudson

Softcover (370pp) 1999
An herbal approach to combining conventional and complementary medicine. Very informative, protocol oriented book on female health conditions. Recommended for serious herbal students, curious women, those seeking alternative means of healing, and it also makes a great gift to your conventional health practitioner!

Qty: Book- Womens Encyclopedia Natural Medicine $24.95

Womens Herbs Womens Health

by Christopher Hobbs Kathi Keville

Softcover (364 pages) 2007
Written by two acclaimed practicing herbalists this complete handbook to both Western and Chinese herbs and their benefits for women contains a comprehensive guide to more than 25 of the most important women's health herbs with explanations and recipes for specific herbal preparations including how to use each one, plus information on possible side effects. 50 color illustrations.

Qty: BOOK- Womens Herbs Womens Health $24.95

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