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How Henna is Colored

The line of Henna offered by Mountain Rose Herbs is made exclusively with Lawsonia inermis, other botanical ingredients are included for the purpose of creating the many different shades which we have to offer.

Mountain Rose Herbs Henna is colored using the following botanical combinations which are combined during manufacturing…

Lawsonia inermis: Red
Lawsonia inermis and Indigofera sp.: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, and Mahogany
Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera sp., and Cassia obovata: Light Brown

Cassia obovata is used to lighten Henna colors, and Indigofera sp. is used to darken some of the Henna colors. Indigo is a natural shrub in the legume family that thrives in dry and almost poor conditions. To date most of it is commercially grown in India, but the Chinese and other Southeast Asian countries are growing it with much success.

Henna Color Your Natural Hair Color
Black Dark Brown Medium Brown Light Brown Red Dark Blonde Medium Blonde
Black Deep Black Deep Black Black
Red Red Highlight Dark Auburn Auburn Red Flame Red Flame Red
Mahogany Mahogany Highlight Dark Auburn Medium Auburn Auburn Bright Red Red
Dark Brown Warm Shine Highlight Shine Deep Brown
Medium Brown Warm Shine Highlight Shine Warm Medium Brown Red Brown Chestnut Red Brown Chestnut Chestnut
Light Brown Highlight Shine Light Brown Shine Warm Brown Warm Light Brown

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