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Mountain Rose Herbs — dedicated to Organics and Sustainability since 1987



Recycled and Non-Toxic Materials

Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to using the greenest option available in our office, warehouse, and all other departments. All invoices, flyers, brochures, and other printed paper is done on 100% post-consumer waste material or the highest recycled paper content available. All of the office supplies we use are made from recycled, tree-free, or chemical-free sources. This includes push pins, scissors, pens, paper clips, folders, binders, clipboards, and other paper and plastic supplies with the highest available post-consumer recycled material on the market. All of our office supplies are purchased from green companies specializing in post-consumer recycled materials.

Chemical Free Facility

Mountain Rose Herbs does not use any standard commercial cleaning agents, nor do we allow any to enter our facility. This list of banned materials includes toxic chemical cleaning products, bleaches, synthetic and chemical based soaps, ammonia, chlorine, commercial pest repellents, fumigants, or other synthetic agents. All cleaning products used within our facilities are 100% natural, bio-degradable, and are approved for use within certified organic facilities. Our primary industrial cleaning agents are ordered in bulk from Biokleen. The production and processing centers within our warehouse use peracetic acid as a sanitizer and industrial cleaning agent. Peracetic acid is a concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, is completely biodegradable, and is approved by the EPA.

We fully believe in a nature-based approach and utilize Integrated Pest Management. These practices include the use of sonic repellers and pheromone traps. We do not fumigate or use chemical killing agents.

Bioswale and Rain Garden

Mountain Rose Herbs’ main campus, located on a 3.5 acre lot, includes a bioswale which naturally collects and filters all surface runoff water. This landscaping structure diverts the majority of our runoff into our biologically enhanced, on-site retention pond and rain garden, which are teeming with plants and animals that act as natural filters. This prevents polluted runoff from going into our rivers.

We maintain our beloved bioswale and rain garden with the help of our local landscaper who is accredited by the Oregon Tilth Accredited Organic Land Care program. Bioswales are often overlooked for their environmental contributions, though installing them is essential for healthy rivers, aquatic communities, and waterfowl. Typically rainwater hits impervious surfaces such as concrete, collects pollutants from our cars, and is discharged into storm drains. Bioswales and rain gardens remove silt and pollution from surface runoff to help protect our drinking water and aquatic wildlife habitat. We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade our storm water management and improve habitat and water health for our finned friends.

Salmon-Safe and Trout Friendly Landscaping

We work closely with the Long Tom Watershed Council to maintain a Trout Friendly Landscape. In 2013, we became the first Eugene area business to receive Salmon-Safe certification. We underwent a thorough assessment and evaluation of our water management practices. We conserve water with a satellite controlled irrigation system, maintain a pesticide-free facility, and utilize a bioswale which naturally filters roof and pavement runoff. Our commitment to responsible land care practices and riparian restoration continues to evolve and get stronger with each passing year.