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Sustainability Report

Mountain Rose Herbs takes an uncompromising stand when it comes to the protection of our natural world. We lead the industry in environmental stewardship, dedication to organic agriculture, fair trade practices, zero waste innovation, plant conservation, and community support. Through this commitment, we hope to set a standard and encourage other businesses to care for the Earth as the Earth cares for us.

Each year we publish a detailed report to measure and monitor our sustainability efforts. From composting and installing solar panels, to organizing riparian restoration projects and supporting nonprofits, we’re accomplishing great things! This important tool helps us analyze our greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, employee programs, charitable giving, and many other key indicators. We continue to improve our sustainability practices as a business, in large part because our customers inspire us and support our mission. Thank you for taking the time to read our report and for guiding us to continuously effect positive change!

Our Latest Report

2017 sustainability report