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Mountain Rose River Project

Founded in 2009, the Mountain Rose River Project is a grassroots action team coordinated and funded entirely by our company. Each year, employees carry out 6-8 restoration projects through our Paid Time for Community Involvement Program. We partner with numerous state, federal, and non-profit agencies, primarily focusing on riparian ecosystems, stream health, and fish habitat.

Activities and Achievements

  • Planting native trees and shrubs along eroded or compromised riparian corridors.
  • Hand-pulling invasive plant species along our river corridors, targeting English Ivy, Scotch Broom, Japanese Knotweed, and Himalayan Blackberry.
  • Removing trash which would otherwise leach chemicals and contaminants into our waterways and groundwater.
  • With the help of our non-profit partners and state agencies, we include an educational component to our workday, be it a wildflower hike or presentation on local aquatic life. This emphasizes the importance of the project and puts the impact into context.
  • We are enrolled in the ODFW Salmon/Trout Enhancement Program and we assist this agency with fish counts, macroinvertebrate populations, and monitoring river conditions.
  • We formally adopted The Anglers Trail which spans about 4 miles along the river between Elijah Bristow State Park and Dexter State Park. We maintain this stretch by removing invasives, planting natives, clearing away garbage, and maintaining the trail bed.
  • We formally adopted 2 segments of the Willamette River through the Oregon program, SOLVE. The segments we adopted include the Upper Middle Fork of the Willamette between Lookout Point and Hills Creek and the section from Elijah Bristow State Park to Dexter State Park.
  • We formally adopted a mile-long stretch of the Amazon Bike Path in Eugene, Oregon that many employees use while commuting to and from work.
  • We maintain and continue to enhance our campus bioswale, retention pond, and rain garden which prevents countless contaminants from entering our river system.

See the Mountain Rose River Project in action!

Here are some photos from several of our outings where employee volunteers are planting native trees, removing invasive species from fragile riverbanks, collecting trash, and learning about the sensitive ecology of our waterways from some of the experts fighting to protect these natural treasures.

Paid Time for Community Involvement

Mountain Rose Herbs offers each of its employees 3 full paid days each year to volunteer for community, environmental, and social causes. This amounts to a total of 24 hours of paid time earned annually for each employee, which is fully reimbursed by Mountain Rose Herbs. If everyone does a little, it adds up.