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Catuaba Bark Powder

  • Trichilia catigua
  • Origin: Brazil
Catuaba Bark Powder


Common Name

Standardized: catuaba

Botanical Name

Trichilia catigua A. Juss.
Plant Family: Meliaceae


Catuaba (pronounced kot-chew-BAH) is a smaller flowering tree of the Amazon jungle related to the coca plant but producing none of the alkaloids found in cocaine. It bears orange and yellow flowers that produce a yellowish-brown, inedible fruit.

The Tupi tribe in northern Brazil discovered the aphrodisiac qualities of catuaba several hundred years ago. Trading the herb throughout South America, the Tupis have made catuaba the most popular of all the Amazonian aphrodisiac plants. Its use is so prevalent as an aphrodisiac in Brazil that there is a popular saying that goes until a father is 60, the son is his: after that the son is catuaba.

Parts Used


Typical Preparations

Catuaba is used in capsules, teas, and tinctures.


The native peoples of the Amazon who use catuaba combine it with muira puama, allowing the mixture to stand in warm water overnight to make an amber infusion.


Specific: No known precautions.
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