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Cranesbill Root

Geranium maculatum Origin: USA

Cranesbill Root


Also known as

Geranium maculatum, Geranium robertianum, Wild Geranium, Alum Root, American Cranesbill, Spotted Cranesbill, Old Maid’s Nightcap, and Crowfoot.
Plant Family: Geraniaceae


Cranesbill is a 2 foot high bush with erect, unbranched stems with “toothed” leaves and pinkish-purple flowers that grows in temperate woodlands across North America. Cranesbill is an unusually rich source of tannins.


Tannins, which oxidize to give the tea a red color, also gums, resins, starch, anthocyanidins, and calcium oxalate.

Parts Used

Leaves (of herb Robert) or roots (of Geranium maculatum).

Typical Preparations

Tea, tincture, and poultice.


Cranesbill is used for its tannins, compounds that cause proteins in mucous membranes and other linings of the human body exposed directly to the tea to cross-link to prevent leakage or infection.


None known.

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