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Crimson Clover Sprouting Seed

  • Trifolium incarnatum
  • Origin: USA
Crimson Clover Sprouting Seed


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Common Name

Standardized: crimson clover

Botanical Name

Trifolium incarnatum L.
Plant Family: Fabaceae



Crimson clover is a winter annual native to Europe. It has since been introduced to the United States and is now found in most states, as well as parts of Canada. Crimson clover is commonly used as for forage, and can be found in meadows and on roadsides. Its appearance is similar to red clover, but with round leaf tips. Crimson clover is sometimes considered invasive in the United States due to its tendency to compete with native vegetation.


Crimson clover seeds sprout best using the basket method, and have many similar growth characteristics to alfalfa. Like alfalfa, crimson clover is sensitive to high temperatures and direct sunlight. To keep your clover sprouts happy, it is advisable to rinse them frequently with cold water during the hot summer months.

As a food or nutritional supplement, crimson clover sprouts are delightfully nutritious, providing Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as numerous B vitamins. They are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, and selenium while also providing protein and fiber. Medicinally, crimson clover sprouts are traditionally used as a blood purifier.


None known.


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