Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine

  • By Steven Foster and Rebecca L. Johnson, 2006 (hardcover, 416 pages)
Desk Reference to Nature's Medicine

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For millennia, humans have looked to nature for remedies. Long before formal science encouraged us to take a systemic approach to medicine, healers used plants to create herbal remedies for a host of ailments. Featuring 350 full-color photographs, botanical drawings, and maps, this accesible, fact-filled book is based on the work of renowned botanical experts and presents alphabetically-arranged, beautifully illustrated entries for hundreds of plants that have been used for millennia. This book is a fascinating medical chronicle filled with informative sidebars on everything from ancient folklore to the latest research. It's a journey that starts many centuries ago in remote places like the Amazon rainforest, where shamans practiced their curative magic using plants, and leads to Cartesian high-tech pharmaceutical labs of today's scientists working to discover new plant-based drugs that can be used effectively to treat diseases major and minor alike.