Herbal Healing for Children

  • By Demetria Clark, 2011 (softcover, 224 pages)
Herbal Healing for Children



This easy-to-follow, hands-on guide gives parents safe and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs whose side effects often make children feel worse. This useful book starts with an introduction to herbal medicine, an explanation of how each herb works, and contains important information about the herbs you should always have on hand for daily use and first aid.

Common childhood illnesses are listed in alphabetical order, with remedies immediately following. _ Herbal Remedies for Children_ lists readily available herbs and herbal products, and also shows how to gather, preserve and store herbs, as well as how to make herbal infusions, decoctions, and salves. Information on where to buy herbs, how to grow them, and how to locate a local herbalist make this an indispensable resource for compassionate and caring parents.