Herbs for Healthy Aging

  • By David Hoffmann, 2014 (softcover, 372 pages)
Herbs for Healthy Aging



In this herbal guide to healthy aging, medical herbalist David Hoffmann discusses how to maintain the body’s vitality as we age and how to address health concerns brought about by growing older. He provides herbal insights to restore and protect each of the body’s major systems- from the muscles, bones, and digestive system to the pulmonary, cardiovascular, and reproductive organs. He also describes herbal remedies for specific ailments. Hoffmann shows how herbs can help minimize dependence on conventional medical treatments and provide a safe and welcome alternative to the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects of synthetic drugs.

This treasured resource also includes a materia medica where Hoffmann details more than 150 herbs, explaining their actions on the body and mind, preparation methods, and recommended dosages. Age with grace using this indispensable resource of herbal preventative medicine and holistic guidance to promote vibrant health.