Lemongrass Seeds

  • Cymbopogon flexuosus
  • 50 seeds
Lemongrass Seeds



Lemongrass grows best in the moisture retentive soil of warmer climates with full sun exposure. A member of the Poaceae family, Cymbopogon felxuosus grows in grassy clumps that produce a powerful herbaceous lemon-like scent. This herb is most often used fresh or dried in cooking. The essential oil extracted from its leaves is used in fragrance and cosmetic formulations.

Characterized by its many light green, grassy blades that sprout from a central rhizome, lemongrass can grow to six feet in height. It is grown as a perennial in sub-tropical climates, and an annual in colder climates. Lemongrass can be propagated by seed or by separating rhizomes of a single plant for replanting.

It is recommended to start seeds indoors two to three weeks before the last frost date. Plant about an inch deep in a prepared soil tray and gently mist with water daily. Seeds should sprout within a couple of weeks if kept in direct sunlight and soil is evenly moist. Once the danger of frost has passed, young starts can be transplanted directly outside or into container gardens.

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