Mountain Rose Herbs

Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Botanical Name
Limnanthes alba


Method of extraction
Expeller Pressed and Refined

Suggested use
Cosmetic use only

Kosher Certified

This exquisite oil provides a cornucopia of cosmetic uses. Containing over 98% long-chain fatty acids, this oil is a prized medium for applications which require a moisturizing and rejuvenating benefit for the skin and face. A useful ally in your formulated creations, where you need to nourish the skin and outer epidermis. A stable refined oil that appreciates refrigeration, however this is not necessary. Its high oxidative stability makes it practical and convenient for cosmetic recipes.

Meadowfoam received its name because of its resemblance while in bloom to the white foam blowing on the ocean. It is native to northern California, southern Oregon, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia. It has proven to be invaluable in the body care and cosmetic industries, and is also being studied for pharmaceutical and industrial use. It has amazing moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities, is very stable, and may be utilized for many different purposes. We highly recommend incorporating meadowfoam oil in your natural body care recipes because of its outstanding qualities. When applied to the skin, it forms a moisture barrier and will assist the skin with preventing moisture loss. It is a key ingredient in many different products such as massage oils and lotions, facial creams, sunblock, hair and scalp products, cosmetics, body lotions, and shaving creams. In hair care products, it will add shine and moisture to the hair, and will remedy dry or damaged hair. When added to lotions and lip balms, it will re-moisturize dry or cracked lips and skin, and will make balms last longer.

Aside from these amazing cosmetic uses, meadowfoam oil is also beneficial for our environment! It was first developed in the 1970’s, and was introduced as an alternative to sperm whale oil in order to protect the species. The pressed seeds are fed to cattle and other livestock, and are a source of nutrients for these animals. While grown in the field, birds, insects, mice, and other critters, also eat the nutritious seeds. The meadowfoam plants themselves are a renewable crop, and are usually grown as a rotation crop for grass seed farmers. This eliminates the need to burn the fields in between grass seed plantings, and also provides farmers with additional income. Meadowfoam also requires less fertilizer and pesticides than most crops, assisting farmers and the environment.

Typical Analysis
Color- Light golden
Odor- None
Free Fatty Acids- 0.03%
Peroxide Value- 0.0
Non-Saponifiables- 0.4
Saponification Value- 168
Iodine Value- 90.83
Specific Gravity- 0.91
pH- 4.11

Fatty Acids
Brassic- 17.9%
Erucic- 12.7%
Gadoleic- 61.5%
Oleic- 3.2%

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