Motherwort Seeds

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  • Leonurus cardiaca
  • 100 seeds
Motherwort Seeds

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Leonurus cardiaca thrives in moist, covered environments and can often be found in dense wooded areas. As a member of the Lamiaceae family, this herb has slightly fuzzy and serrated leaves resembling mint. The leaves are usually collected after the plant has flowered. They can be dried or used fresh.

Motherwort is a sprawling herb that grows up to four feet in height. It can be identified by its many light green leaves and pink to lilac colored flowers, which bloom from the plant’s center during the summer. These flowers are a favorite to a variety of pollinators, making this herb beneficial to its surrounding environment.

Motherwort seeds can be planted directly outdoors in late fall or stratified before planting in the spring. Stratified seeds can be planted in prepared soil and should sprout within a couple of weeks. Young seedlings can be moved outside once the danger of frost has passed. Young plants should be spaced two feet apart as they grow very quickly.

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