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Partridgeberry Herb

Also known as

Mitchella repens, Squaw Vine, Checkerberry, Deerberry, Winter Clover, Hive Vine, One-Berry, Twin-Berry, and Squaw Berry


Partridgeberry is an evergreen herb that grows in the woodlands of North America. It is best gathered in the early spring through the early summer.


Tannin, bitter principle, saponins, mucilage, unspecified alkaloids, glycosides, resin

Parts Used

Whole plant including leaf and stems (excluding roots)

Typical Preparations

Berry tea and infusions have been used by Native American women for centuries. The uses are mostly traditional, and recommended by practitioners of holistic medicine. There’s no supporting research, but the anecdotal evidence is strong.


Partridgeberry has been found to be safe, although it may have abortifacient qualities if taken in large enough quantities, so please only use under the guidance of a qualified herbal practitioner if you are pregnant.

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