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Ginseng, Red Root Whole

Panax ginseng Origin: China

Ginseng, Red Root Whole


Also known as

Panax ginseng, Asian ginseng, and Korean ginseng


Red ginseng derives its name from the color that it takes on during a special preservation method that involves being steamed (and then sometimes sun dried) with the peel intact. During the drying process the root is steeped in a bath of an ancient and often protected herbal recipe, which causes the root to become brittle in texture. Red ginseng usually always comes from China or Korea, and it is considered slightly stronger and more stimulating than white ginseng.

Parts Used

The whole root

Typical Preparations

Teas, extracts, or sometimes in capsules. More recently it has found its way into the energy drink market.


In Asia, wars have been fought over possession of fields where ginseng grew abundant and wild. Ginseng is a known adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stress, and to help balance itself.


Most herbalists do not recommend that anyone use ginseng of any type for more than a few weeks without taking a week or so off to “rest”.

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