Shea Butter Unrefined

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Vitellaria paradoxa
  • Origin: Ghana
Shea Butter Unrefined


Extraction Method

Expeller pressed

Refinement Techniques


Suggested Use

Cosmetic use only


This luxurious Shea butter is expeller pressed and unrefined. Shea butter is a popular in the natural body care and cosmetic industry. It has been used for centuries in Africa for its moisturizing properties.

Shea butter is naturally rich in Vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. Shea butter is an intense moisturizer for rough skin. It offers a low level of UV protection (approximately SPF-6), and may be incorporated into natural skin care recipes. Because of its emollient properties, it is a perfect ingredient to include in your body care recipes and skin care regime. It is also wonderful to use in the summer as a moisturizer before and after sun exposure.

Because of its unrefined state, the scent of this butter is quite odoriferous and may alter your product’s aroma. The aroma of our Shea butter is often described as thick and nutty. There are often slight differences in the color from batch to batch likely due to natural variance. To prolong its shelf life, store in a cool, dark location.

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