The Medicinal Herb Grower

  • By Richo Cech, 2009 (softcover, 159 pages)
The Medicinal Herb Grower



It is our birthright to garden. Plants need our care, and as breathers of air and consumers of salad, it is hard to deny our interdependency. Beloved Oregon herb grower Richo Cech offers this festive work which is a true delight to read, and covers multiple aspects of herb growing that many books seem to neglect. This book covers the observation of plants in nature, planting with the seasons, creating plant habitat, crop diversity, preparing the earth, making diverse composts and potting soils, planting seeds and cuttings, caring for your plants, and harvesting and processing herbs and seeds. This book is full of amusing anecdotes, lively stories, encouraging experiences, and is delightfully illustrated Sena Cech Olivier.