White Sage Seeds

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • Salvia apiana
  • 100 seeds
White Sage Seeds



This woody perennial is native to the deserts of California. This is the most highly valued and esteemed of all North American sages, and is burned ceremonially to cleanse the spirit and welcome positive thoughts. White sage prefers sandy soil in the full sun. The plants grow rapidly during the summer and may be trimmed back in the fall after flowering is complete. Scarify the seeds on fine grit sandpaper, and sow in very sandy soil, barely cover, tamp well, and keep warm and in strong light. Water only once daily until germination, which usually takes about 14 days. The winter survivability of this plant improves when it is surrounded by a deep mulch of sand at the crown. We recommend planting on the south side of a building, where it will receive reflected light and protection. Plant two to three feet apart.