Mountain Rose Herbs

An Herbs, Health, & Harmony Company

Mountain Rose Herbs offers high quality organic bulk herbs, gourmet spices, loose leaf teas, essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural body care ingredients. Our extensive selection includes certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested, & Kosher certified botanical products.

How much do we really need?
Together we can make this season a celebration of people and planet over profit…

5 Ways to Celebrate Buy Nothing Day!

  1. Collect warm clothing, food, and toiletries that can be donated to a local shelter.
  2. Write heartfelt letters of gratitude to the people you love.
  3. Donate empty dropper bottles, extra herbs, and other supplies to a free clinic or spend the day creating homemade gifts.
  4. Host a clothing swap or a potluck of leftovers with friends.
  5. Take a long walk and enjoy the beauty around you.

Buy Nothing Day Campaign

Showcasing our favorite herbal products!

Our selection of organic handcrafted loose-leaf Chai and Yerba Mate will transport you to tea paradise with each sip. From our delicious Mint Chocolate Mate to Firefly Chai, we enjoy these tasty creations day and night.

For the health of plants, people, and planet!

We are dedicated to supporting small organic herb farms and sustainable agricultural practices. All of our products are certified organic, cultivated without chemicals, or ethically wildharvested.

Sustainability is at the heart of all we do

“The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives.” From our commitment to Zero Waste, carpool program, eco-friendly packaging, and dedication to protecting wild plants, defending the Earth is paramount to who we are.

Restoring riparian areas to their native splendor

The Mountain Rose River Project was created to get our hands in the dirt and protect our watersheds. This employee run grassroots action campaign manages up to 8 restoration projects each year.