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Meet Our Staff

Meet the staff

Julie Bailey President

Julie b 885eac8985de335117b22278372fdb8b83012e71b56db9458fa9044be08e43629fc10024dcee159cc4ee0b639c75f2b859cecb753a35b3ac12111b5e826c377a Botanicals: Roses, Madrones, Yews, Nettles, Lilies, and Irises.
Music: Curved Air, Steeleye Span, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Samite, Alpha Blondy, Pops Mohamed, Dead Prez, Dark City Sisters, and Libana.
Books: Thinking Like a Mountain, Phillip Pullman, Doris Lessing, Edward Abbey, Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, A Room of Ones Own, and Barbara Kingslolver.
Interests: plants, forests, mountains, wildlands, nature in all her aspects, honor, and integrity.

In 1991 Julie began her entrepreneurial adventure with Mountain Rose Herbs and her responsibilities include supervising the formulation of Mountain Rose Herbs' products, managing the finances and accounting, catalog design, head gardener and being the pragmatist, which means keeping Mountain Rose Herbs grounded. Julie has been fascinated with herbs and healing since her childhood in England when her grandmother, (the village herbalist) took her for a walk in her Derbyshire garden. As a young adult, Julie apprenticed with Denise Aylmer-Aylmore; wonderful horsewoman and gifted dispenser of knowledge about herbal and alternative medicines for people and animals. Over the ensuing years Julie ran an equestrian training stable (competing professionally and teaching) then, managed the herb departments of health food stores & co-ops, organized and cooked at vegetarian and vegan restaurants, attended herb classes and took nutrition, anatomy, physiology, CPR/first aid, psychiatric and general medicine classes at college and nursing school. In California, Julie participated in the "back to the land" wave; growing a huge organic garden and living off the grid. Her diverse work experiences and adventures included: restaurant and health food store management, leading wilderness backpack trips for women, running a native plant and medicinal herb nursery and working at the local health clinic.

In addition to learning much about conventional medical care, she continued to expand her herbal knowledge - attending and organizing conferences and teaching herbal classes and leading plant walks. She also supported and volunteered at various local non-profit organizations, from environmental protection to the local hospice.

Renewed by being out of doors, Julie loves to work and play in the garden, take hikes, observe nature and wildlife and when the weather forces her inside read some of her wonderful collection of books, have stimulating discussions with friends and work on another Mountain Rose project. "Mountain Rose Herbs is the ongoing fulfillment of my dreams, work experience and ambition. It is my passion, I love what I do".

Shawn Donnille Vice President

Shawn 93b0b9a47af070a8c3588fd6c6d4d5b54c2f809c58a8e7851c1dc14685a76c2335e565a6d5d2c3a7e441e0f7ae33d7ddd01a43431dd2bdd7a32f5b10b97cd90c Botanicals: Calypso Orchid, Love-In-The-Mist, Pacific Alder, Douglas Fir, Ginkgo Biloba, Columbia Lily and Fawn Lily.
Music: Crass, Conflict, Dead Can Dance, The Mob, Poison Girls, Mirah, Utah Phillips, Leadbelly, The Boswell Sisters, Woody Guthrie, Helen Kane, Albinoni, Garmarna, Dark Ambient, Chumbawamba, and Mazzy Star.
Books: Vicar of Wakefield, Utopia, The Domestic Manners of the Americans, The Letters of John and Abigail Adams, The Age of Reason, De Profundis, Mysteries of Udolpho, The Writings of Seneca, Little Women, Hume's Essays, Edward Abbey (all writings) Call of the Wild, White Fang, Scarlet Letter, and The Hound of Baskervilles.
Interests: sustainable business practices, hiking Oregon's designated wilderness areas, old buildings, American revolutionary history, elusive plants, dark forests, big trees, traditional long bow archery, antiquarian books, large breed dogs in all their splendor, beautiful antiques, fly fishing Oregon's trout rivers with a strict emphasis on catch and release, fine art done in the old style, organic farming practices, ravens, haunted woods, absinthe, large Northwest mammals, Oregon living, lonely evenings, Riparian Ecosystems, Oregon Pinot Noir, and spooky libraries.

Shawn first became involved with Mountain Rose Herbs as a passionate young idealist with a fervent desire to change the world. He was the towns notorious rabble rouser always petitioning for mandatory labeling on genetically modified food crops, encouraging people to support the rights of indigenous peoples, fighting for the protection of endangered or threatened species and struggled continuously to uphold the integrity of organic standards. Then came Mountain Rose Herbs. Shawn saw an opportunity to further knowledge not only himself, but those he served to educate. This is what he has to say.

"Its quite an entertaining story actually. I was working on these campaigns full time with no funding, and no employment. I was fueled only by my hope that there would be justice for all peoples and the environment, then one day I said to myself, my goodness there has to be a way to promote and publicize these pressing issues and get financial compensation at the same time. So I found Mountain Rose Herbs and realized that this was a company that has its hands in the mud and is really taking care of business! Sign me up."

So it was done, and without a doubt Mountain Rose Herbs has not been the same since. Shawn has a fierce determination to guarantee to all of our customers that he will deliver a high quality, GMO free, certified organic product and has a constant and relentless eye on ensuring that workers of our suppliers, both domestically and overseas, receive just compensation for their labor. In 2001 Shawn proposed that Mountain Rose Herbs eradicate ALL conventionally grown products from its product line entirely and have this completed by 2003 (The first time such a commitment to organic agriculture has ever been displayed in the history of the herbal industry) and he is constantly advancing the company's ecological platforms for sustainable business practices. In 2010, he created the Mountain Rose River Project which focuses on cleaning and restoring Oregon's rivers to their original splendor.

Shawn's primary responsibility is the total quality control of all our products and he is the director of all operational procedures for the company.

In his spare time he can be sifting through fine works of literature from his private library, the "Bibliotheca Curiosita" while dressed in his uniform black of course!

Particular interests include books that changed the world, antiquarian bindings, social and moral philosophy, American revolutionary history, and 19th century literature.

While absorbing excerpts from literary masters of old, it can be said without a doubt that he will be munching on some tofu, and playing a game of "kibble hockey" with the local dogs. As an animal loving Vegetarian and practicing Vegan he insists that Mountain Rose Herbs does not stock, condone, or support an industry that exploits, abuses, or utilizes parts of animals. There have been several instances where products have been outright rejected or abandoned by Mountain Rose Herbs because, as Shawn so willingly declares, "We aren't touching that, because it is being held together with bits of animals".

Jennifer Gerrity Executive Director of Operations

Jennifer dde25608e59aee41138126bf56da684ba8620486823b8208c35a3b620cbdc4902fdc0469a18d5b0f45c09a0d9342eb6ebfac2a2d3e5eedb4260c2ed28d371d3c Botanicals: Mugwort, Lotus, Tulsi, Ginsengs, Schisandra, Angelica, Poppy, Belladonna.
Music: The Coup, Dead Prez, The T Club, YOB, conscious hip hop, and Eugene freestyle.
Books: Asian Philosophy, Alchemical Texts, Herbals of all kinds.
Interests: Shaolin Kung Fu, longbow, traditional medicine, horticulture, tea drinking, wine culture, antique collecting and Boston Terriers.

Walking an early botanical path on the rural East Coast, Jennifer remains committed to nurturing her passions of the herbal world. After accruing a Plant Science degree from Rutgers University specializing in plant propagation and business management, she settled down in enchanting Oregon. Her devotion to learning about new age herbals and old world recipes through time spent in nature, self healing, home research and propagation, remains deeply ingrained in her lifestyle. Jennifer is a seasoned employee at Mountain Rose. Serving as Operations Manager, she assures the overall inner workings of Mountain Rose by overseeing the staff and production of this vibrant ever-expanding company. In addition, Jennifer assists in the procuring of herbs and spices through local, national, and international travel, helping to ensure that each product is indicative of Mountain Rose's philosophies. She relies on her ability to multitask, bridge international and interoffice connections, and strengthen efficiency to accomplish this responsibility. In her free time she seeks solace walking amongst the wild Oregon country side with her three dogs, enjoying the local free style of Eugene, and imbibing extra ginseng to help keep up with the busy world around her.

Irene Wolansky Customer Experience Director

Irene 193201b741565861020baaad6006b2a3ee38a78557f28cd042d3b7ff376e5b108c7b6ed6e641c24d302945a979ad51597a4d766e6759ec7ea13101ad082b5c4e Botanicals: Calendula, Nettles, Holy Basil, Ferns, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Echinacea, Camellia Sinensis, Ginkgo, Vanilla, and wildflowers.
Music: Bluegrass, blues, reggae, hip hop, rap, and jug band music - Old and in the Way, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, Hank Williams Jr, and the Kitchen Syncopators.
Books: Field guides, how to books, and anything about travel, nature, arts and crafts, herbal medicine, or archeology.
Interests: Wild mushroom picking, hiking, camping, traveling, making natural soap and body care products, gardening, plant photography, brewing mead and beer, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, and a variety of crafts.

Irene is the marvelous marketing guru in these parts, always placing a keen eye on correct color, good design and stylish packaging concepts. If you have ever enjoyed the finished products at Mountain Rose Herbs, or the sleek promotional materials sometimes mailed to you; we all have Irene to thank! From product development, to product promotion, Irene knows how to market a great product with all the finishing touches.

Perhaps this inspiration is born from the peace of her rather peaceful life with her boyfriend and the cutest cat ever, or perhaps it's just an innate talent, either way we are truly blessed to have her on the team!
In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, making her own body care products, picking mushrooms, drinking craft brews with friends, and indulging in epicurean delights. She says "I always have a new passion, and am constantly striving to learn more. I suppose that being creative and learning are my largest passions, which is why I enjoy my position here so much!"

She has been interested in herbs and gardening since she was a young child, and for several years now she has made her own herbal medicines and body care products. Being a well rounded denizen of the earth, all of us at Mountain Rose Herbs court a little jealousy when we are peppered by her stories concerning global adventures in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Mexico!

Julie DeBord Production Manager

Julie d 55ff77207ba6bd51cdf76af307fbefb81609231909c9003e19234e8bfca10c552c46514c82c25998402c7cd45fc083e4b29c50eece9b84827b7f53d3e2abbc57 Botanicals: Oregon Grape, Douglas Fir, Elder, Calendula, Comfrey, Cacao, Flax, and Evening Primrose.
Music: Neil Young, Greg Brown, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Ween, Mazzy Star, REM, Asylum Street Spankers, Blues, Funk, Reggae.
Books: Sometimes a Great Notion, all the Harry Potter books, Walden, Fast Food Nation, The Mists of Avalon, all of William Sullivan's hiking and travel guides, and every book on holistic nutrition she can get her hands on.
Interests: Nutrition, probiotic cultures (she makes her own kefir, yogurt and kombucha), baking, photography, painting, backpacking with her family, rafting, biking, gardening, mountain climbing, finding peace and solitude in nature.

Julie oversees the extraordinarily difficult task of managing the production and packaging of nearly all the products Mountain Rose Herbs has to offer, which is a task not for the faint of heart! From our capsules and bottled seasonings, to our clays and herbal teas, each of these products falls under the astute and dedicated eye of Julie and we have a world of thanks to give her for it. In addition to this, she oversees our tea and spice formulating, and some of her most notable accomplishments are the Herbal Coffee and the Firefly Chai.

Julie is a revered veteran at Mountain Rose Herbs and she currently remains the longest serving staff member at Mountain Rose Herbs. She joined us during the first few weeks of our relocation to Oregon in 2001, and during this time she has witnessed the progression of Mountain Rose Herbs from a small company operating out of a 2 bedroom house and a small outbuilding to the thriving company it is today. Julie grew up in Ohio and traveled out west to Oregon and immediately fell in love with the natural beauty, flora and fauna. When she is not hurriedly managing production schedules at our facilities, chances are she will be found hiking our state's numerous wild areas while capturing its majesty on film.

Toni Mattingly Body Care Production Manager

Toni a2f896c1dc21a96266709dd1b98fdd7b508fd3c1dd528ae45aae3404ddab02ad6d81d4ab6bf369e7d7f3625d2c6977bba7b2fe980eff9e00f1466809c3fba064 Botanicals: Lavender, Calendula, Nettle and Rosemary.
Music: Allison Krauss, Credence Clearwater revival, Jimmy Buffet, Van Morrison, Mila Mason, and Enya.
Books: Exploring Oregon's Wild Areas, The Western garden Book, Herbal Reference Books, Cook Books, Making Your Own Natural Body care Products, Survival Books, and The Notebook.
Interests: Camping, hiking, fishing, rock hounding, mushroom picking and homemade cooking.

Toni has been with us for quite some time where she originally filled herb orders for all of our customers but her potential for weaving delicious body care products was not overlooked and a promotion to the Kitchen Manager position was inevitable. Toni is responsible for the entire production department that creates and produces the line of luscious Mountain Rose Herbs body care products. If you have ever enjoyed (or sometimes salivated) over our creams, balms, herbal oils, massage oils, and more, then please give a hearty thanks to Toni! Her astute eye for total quality are deeply appreciated by all and her methodical nature is a boon to the production systems of our Kitchen.

When not masterfully weaving yummy body care products, she will be found making intimate connections with both garden and animal alike. Her upbringing on the McKenzie River in Oregon fostered a deep appreciation for the splendor and beauty of the natural world and this she joyfully embraces by sharing time between her horse and garden which is always frequented by her trustworthy cat Frost.

If you look for her there and she is not found, good luck on finding her! When not in the garden she will probably be found in the numerous wild areas of Oregon capturing photos of the beauty and splendor that our great state has to offer, and any attempts to find her are futile.

Peggy Hall Purchasing Manager

Botanicals: Nettles, Damiana, Love-In-The-Mist, Painted Tongue, and Nasturtiums.
Music: James Taylor, Eagles, Metallica, Grateful Dead, Nickelback, and anything from the 30's and 40's.
Books: Herbal reference books, travel books, home interior design books, Into the Wild, and anything by Eckhart Tolle.
Interests: garage sales, antique shops, flea markets, art from found objects, mosaics, hiking, camping, movies, kayaking, gardening, photography, canning, travel, and being with family and loved ones.

Peggy is a cherished and phenomenal woman. She does a superb job running our purchasing department and she has the most magnificent caterwaul of a laugh imaginable! It is her responsibility to manage our inventory and purchase accordingly. She also oversees all incoming products at our receiving docks and if the quality is less then acceptable, it is quickly returned to whence it came.

Peggy comes to Mountain Rose Herbs with a rich and diverse herbal background which she uses in sourcing and procurring some of the worlds finest products for offer to our customers.

She says…… "I just love sharing all the herbal knowledge I have acquired with other people and suggesting particular products and their proper usage. The best part is when people realize how well it works!

When Peggy is not neogtiating for a better contract of Peppermint oil, she can be found digging her hands in the garden, making and sharing hand crafted herbal remedies and, garage sale hopping for the great deals in Central Oregon.

Peggy has a challenging task ahead of her, to be the coolest "nanna" around, to her grand kids (We're sure she will be!).

Kim Christensen Warehouse Manager

Kim 568f0dc60a0624148ed6ce5d4970c5610a0a80fb5432b6fe5df45e6de8fe4233241b8501a8af8f45cd2ed726de20feb00b1f51570042da8deb1cff4353e99a97 Botanicals: St. John's Wort, Arnica, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass.
Music: Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Red Elvis', Asylum Street Spankers, Beethoven, Reverend Horton Heat, Iggy Pop, and John Prine.
Books: Animal Farm, anything by Jeanette Winterson, E.E. Cummings Poetry, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
Interests: crossword puzzles, contemporary dance and aesthetics, furniture restoration, quilting, tennis, pinball, anatomy and physiology, gardening, and picking flowers.

Kim has complete responsibility for the management of the entire warehouse which we assure you is not an easy task, and one that she will quickly remind you of. This is the type of job that necessitates the occasional sprinting and one which requires about 7 miles of walking each day as was recently logged onto the pedometer.

Kim has complete supervisory control over the fulfillment of our customer's orders, receiving, production, inventory management, and warehouse logistics and procedures. While this may seem a relatively simple task, it has been marked as one of the most complicated responsibilities at Mountain Rose Herbs.

While most of us find it incredulous that outside interests could be developed under such taxing responsibilities, Kim keeps a diversified portfolio of extracurricular activities.

These include a Masters degree in professional modern dance and she has spent the greater part of 15 years in private and public teaching with an emphasis on contemporary technique and performance.

She has even suggested the organization of a musical performance for the warehouse!

Other interests include retro chairs with red velvet, growing flowers, crossword puzzles, collecting Fire King Jadeite and playing video poker with a pint in hand.

Kris Mitchell Shipping Manager

Kris 1bd887b547b8df852ea30a49657bb18eaa295b33a29cd2264118d041e3383d44dee6936c0e2346e352eec4649462c477efe5117305706045b2a29ed8cdda1425 Botanicals: Lavender, Rosemary, Roses, and Hibiscus.
Music: Johnny Cash, Keith Urban, Jason Maraz, Nickelback and most country.
Books: Natural healing books, texts on Reiki, and most anything from Wayne Dyer.
Interests: traveling, photography, my children, the ocean, hiking, movies, gardening, and being outdoors.

Kris has the ever challenging task of managing all shipments both domestic and international and supervises the entire shipping department and its crew. Without this dedicated and committed woman, we could not possibly satisfy our quick shipping guarantee, and all of us would like to give her our profuse thanks for getting our orders out as quickly as possible! When she is not overseeing our sophisticated shipping network, she may be found placidly passing the weekend days in her garden with her grand daughter, camping in the Oregon back country, and she is a devot recycling and reusing enthusiast. One of her more enjoyable amusements is a love affair with country music which most of us find enduring, especially after a 3 hour session. But with a few repeated plays you find yourself uncontrollably singing along and tapping your foot to the percussion.

Dana Chesnut Regulatory Compliance Manager

Dana 39bd96a0270e85c4f4b59050d75d81dc24de8e0726431d76b8279e73be11291bf8376a7481f13e757a79503dee180ee09fa2f2dc5272f0cd72278b272f9dedec Botanicals: Lavender, Honeysuckle, Valerian, Mullein, Licorice, and Goldenseal.
Music: Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Cake, Led Zeppelin, The Dandy Warhols, Bonnie Rait, Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Nirvana, and John Hiatt.
Books:Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Johnny Got His Gun, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Little Secrets Everywhere, America the Beautiful, She's Come Undone, To Kill a Mockingbird.
Interests: Travel, Skiing, Rafting, Hiking, Woodworking, Home Renovation, Gardening, and Organic Farming.

Dana is in charge of that little thanked and often sighed upon job of regulatory compliance, which is a job often overlooked, and little understood. She has no complaints about the complexities of the task before her and she performs a stellar job with a steadfast optimism rarely seen.

To help put her job into perspective, Dana is in charge of all matters concerning the FDA, USDA Food Safety Division, Oregon Tilth organic certification, Earth Kosher inspections, Fair Trade auditing, Pest and Hygiene management and all the other documents and procedures necessary for any herbal products company doing business in the 21st century. The breadth of knowledge necessary and the degree of complexity that this job demands deserves the highest of praise and we all would like to thank Dana profusely!

Dana comes to Mountain Rose Herbs already having an intimate relationship with the mandates of the organic industry, as her small farm on the McKenzie River is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. When she is not enforcing the multitude of regulatory requirements at Mountain Rose Herbs, she may be found enjoying life at home in the idyllic surroundings of the McKenzie River. A portion of her 5 acre parcel is dedicated to the sustainable management woodland herbs such as ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot and black cohosh.

Steven Yeager Laboratory/Quality Control Manager

Steven f4e0d87b5364ae4467bb5aec32a95b3a48efb6e37ef5b123ebb8a167bbf387e61b5b941d0ff5e6a40a73fd4a360cf18aed4088a9f4b415248e5523fcdf6baffb Botanicals: Kalmia occidentalis, Corallorhiza mertensiana, Mitella pentandra, Aralia californica, Pedicularis groenlandica, Listera cordata, Ribes lobbii..
Music: Wil Oldham, Belle & Sebastian, Bob Dylan, The Smiths, Mikah Sykes, The Magnetic Fields, Sonic Youth, John Coltrane, Elliott Smith, Bach, David Bowie, Cat Power, Public Enemy, Pixies, Neil Young, Animal Collective, Bob Marley, Blonde Redhead, Tom Waits, Bright Eyes, J Dilla, Beirut, The Fiery Furnaces, Nina Simone, The Sea and Cake.
Books: Flora of the Pacific Northwest, Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach, A Place On Earth, Medicinal plants of the Mountain West, Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West, Medical Hebalism, The Forgotten Pollinators, How to Identify Plants, Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses, Maurice Sendak, Roald Dahl, Ursula K. LeGuin, J. R. R. Tolkien, Philip K. Dick.
Interests: botanizing, Camping, hiking, cooking, riding my bicycle, picnicking, foraging the Cascade Mountains in August eating fresh wild berries, sharing a meal with friends.

Originally from Philadelphia, Steven came to the Northwest in 1994, and has been rooted in Eugene ever since. He was initially inspired by the way of life here including the bounty of organic food, the Cascade mountains, the valley wetlands, the pristine air and clean streets, the warmth of the people, all of which contrasted with what he had known in Philadelphia. In 1997 he began teaching herbalism, botany and wildcrafting with Howie Brounstein, the founder of the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. The skills and knowledge he obtained from this position has contributed enormously in Steven's ability to manage the quality control and laboratory procedures in place at Mountain Rose Herbs, where a thorough knowledge of plant medicine and identification is essential.

Steven was educated at Oregon State University where his studies furnished him with a formal knowledge of plant pathology, structure, along with chemical and microbiology lab environments. This education, paired with his professional experience as a botanist and teaching herbal quality and appreciation over the past decade, has gifted him with the proficiency and passion needed to manage the lab effectively and thoroughly.

Steven continues to teach at Columbines School of Botanical Studies and enjoys spending time cooking, camping, wildcrafting, and botanizing. In 2011, Steven became an elected trustee of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and is currently participating with many of AHPA's committees.

Carol Reed Director of Human Resources

Carol 73c3a124aede1f5d00a6d2fb93634cd3aa6d2c7da2e75ad65e924861557909bdbaa5b58c16186e8c79b51b2f435712e710760e901a7dc4211388159e2662fd70 Botanicals: Honeysuckle, Valerian, Mugwort, Sweetgrass, and Rosemary.
Music: blues, funk and traditional ceremonial music. Anything that makes my heart go "aaahhh".
Books: Herbal reference books, texts on medicinal plants, and sci-fi.
Interests: Ceremonialism, quilting, gardening, soap-making, writing, photography, herbalism, thrift-store shopping and "being in service to Mother Earth and all my Relations."

Carol started out in our Customer Service office after 8+ years in the Social Services field, and after close observation we realized she was a perfect candidate for the human resources position here at Mountain Rose Herbs. This goes beyond simply screening applicants and conducting interviews in that she is intimately involved with each of our department managers to ensure that we meet the needs of our bustling organization to better serve our customers. Carol's good humor and her lighthearted command of common sense is principally influenced by sharing habitation with 5 geriatric cats. As an herbalist, Ceremonialist, ordained minister and gardener she has fostered a profound appreciation of the "Old Ways" through her work with her Elders and has developed a closer connection with her Celtic and Native American heritage.

She has a weakness for neurotic kitties (is there any other kind?), bad puns, triple shot lattes and chocolate.

Alyssa Lawless Director of Sustainability

Alyssa c91fcb0a585168bb93eda9488b46b0ea579ecc8063871cac4aa688da26629d899ebe8d75569c7f7158219a9f8b81f02e49cd7c53eb331ca90748fada8b73ccf1 Botanicals: Peppermint, Lavender, Nettle leaf, Rosemary, Ginger, Calendula, Fennel.
Music: Talib Kweli, Bonobo, RJD2, The Black Keys, Alison Krauss, Devon, Cake, Talking Heads, Immortal Technique, k-os, Doc Watson, Zero 7, and anything with a horn section.
Books: Prodigal Summer, Jitterbug Perfume, Tao of Pooh, Last Child in the Woods, Watership Down, Three Cups of Tea, The Lorax, Pablo Neruda poems, and anything by Michael Pollan or John Irving.
Interests: Hiking, swimming, baking, knitting, gardening, dancing, camping, living with intention, exploring Oregon, playing yard games and reviving the tradition of hand-written letters.

Holding the verbose job title, Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility, is quite an undertaking, but Alyssa welcomes the challenge - in fact she embraces it and wants to invite it out for tea. She works intimately with all of our departments to ensure Mountain Rose Herbs is living up to its green and fair-trade standards and that our company operates in a clear and conscientious way.

Alyssa manages all of our environmental programs, organizes employee volunteer workdays, and ensures all communications highlight our sustainable accomplishments and future goals. Her upbringing and education has equipped her with an understanding of the dynamic relationship between business, organic agriculture and the non-profit sector.

Alyssa hails from central Virginia where she grew up on an income-sharing, egalitarian community. Similar to her eastern stomping grounds, she feels right at home in the Willamette Valley nestled between the coast and mountains. In college, she studied Environment Sociology which sparked a lasting interest in nature, farming and how groups of people impact the land and natural resources. Alyssa's two years with AmeriCorps solidified her desire to help others, give back to the community, promote stewardship and act as a voice for sustainable practices. Living the dream, she can be spotted riding her bike to thrift stores and community events. She enjoys yoga, organizing potlucks, sipping microbrews, hanging out with her chickens and reading.

Ray Sammartano Terms Department Manager

Ray 10ed69787ac0d95fddfe909fbb13e9226653b59223e852748c1017c4b3f72e3ad5d731e3a3a4b09b00e4107241d0a09aa8d547b0f4c83d64f92aafce6d2783cd Botanicals: Maca, Lycii, Kava, Chia, Acai, White Sage, Hemp Seed, Nettle, Valerian, Cacao, Ginkgo, Oat Tops, Basil, Lavender, Passionflower
Music: Amon Tobin, Negativland, Gong, Eno, 10cc, King Crimson, Devo, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Hawkwind, Kraftwerk, Esquivel, Indian classical music, early electronic pioneers
Books: 1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Sexual Politics of Meat, Diet for a New America, Mad Cowboy, The China Study, Frankenstein, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, vegan cookbooks, works by Benjamin Zephaniah, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry David Thoreau
Interests: Veganism, raw foods, music, organics, philosophy, herbalism, environmentalism, photography, biking, hiking, animal and human rights, sustainable fuel and fiber, cats, surrealism, comedy

Ray is responsible for overseeing our busy Terms Department, which services terms accounts and works with a diverse assortment of customers comprised of manufacturers, retailers, food and restaurant accounts, and buying clubs. A New Jersey native who moved to the Midwest as a teenager, Ray graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Akron in Ohio. In 2002, he journeyed further west to Oregon out of a desire to live in an environment particularly conducive to progressive values, which eventually led him to Mountain Rose Herbs. As a long-time vegan and animal lover, Ray is passionate about healthy, compassionate, and sustainable living, and in 2005, he co-authored the first of two books on vegan cooking and living. In his spare time, he can be found trying to entertain his cat Luna, playing his guitar, producing electronic music, creating vegan culinary concoctions, riding his bike, and contemplating the future of the planet.

Cassie Pointer Office Manager

Cassie 7b82db1d834aac29511dc48572687d579a1d824dcfe0eac2c5f16ea435435ec16aec262e38ba844f298d6a05ed9b468ef0465d12e1a8a1740c769bc740805330 Botanicals: Irises, Daffodils, Orchids, Valerian, Peppermint, Skullcap, Roses, Lavender, Succulents
Music: Pepper, Floater, Allison Kraus, Led Zeppelin, Usher, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Perfect Circle, Radiohead, George Michael, Rianna, Incubus, INXS, The Roots ,O.A.R, Adele, Massive Attack, MGMT, Tracy Chapman, Hip Hop, Blues, anything that makes her want to dance!
Books: A wolf at the table, The Shack, Bones to Ashes, Scar Tissue, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lucid Dreaming, The Herbal Handbook, Outlander
Interests: Spending time with her family, dancing, oil painting, charcoal drawing, finding new ways to be creative, visiting her twin sister, making people laugh, swimming, nature walks, finding something beautiful in everything, Astrology, trips to the coast, playing with her loving cats Larry Yellow and Piper Zippy, camping, and rollerblading.

Cassie manages our incredibly busy Customer Service office with unwavering perfection and studied grace, and we never quite figured out how she pulls it off! We pride ourselves on having one of the nation's finest customer service departments and we have Cassie to thank for accomplishing this! She manages all aspects of customer service department including the daily flow of orders, the level of service all of our customers receive, the systems and procedures that make order processing efficient, and she oversees our international, wholesale, and returns departments. All of these responsibilities by themselves may not sound like much, but once combined, they wholly represent the entire experience that our customers have with us which is the most important aspect at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Born in Seattle, Cassie has always had the Pacific Northwest in her blood. She has lived all along the west coast including Arizona and California but can't imagine calling anywhere else home. She enjoys the diversity only Eugene can offer and is proud to be an Oregonian, especially after one considers the beautiful array of natural splendor that we receive from this glorious state. When she is working in customer service she feels right at home, and considers it a place where her personal values are in stowed in her work. These include the caring and concern for others, supporting organic agriculture, balancing fairness with kindness, the eagerness to learn, and living everyday by what her mother taught her growing up… "to treat others the same way you would like to be treated." She strongly believes in this motto not only for human beings but for all the plants and wildlife we share the planet with.

Abigail and Maggie Comfort Support and Security Staff

Abigail 13f919459cb49817c3224c76d3c9059ccc0f42584a7919b3b744a440980b9f3cbfc29afe5e3b59e93f1c3acde447bb9a42608552feb77dc196acf9c85b9b20d9 Botanicals: grass, smelly ferns, fungi, pond moss, and trees with squirrels in them.
Music: anything worth howling to, but our particular favorites are Leadbelly because we can karaoke to it with Shawn.
Books: How To Love Your Retriver, 98 Ways To Make Your Dog Smile, Just Give Them The Treats, The Ultimate Grooming Guidebook.
Interests: Getting leftovers, going to Dorris Ranch, hiking our numerous buttes, fine food, river diving, chasing squirrels, meeting new friends, barking at imaginary intruders, waking mom up nice and early so we can start the day, fetching fir cones, going for road trips, a nice deep grooming, and dinner!

Abigail (the white one) is the sweet and revered canine matriarch of our clan and she is a Lab/Retriever and Pyrenees mix. She came into our lives shortly after we lost our beloved Dusty and we cannot thank her enough for the gentle and trusted companionship she had provided us during that time of loss. She is determined, loyal and will not tolerate interlopers who emit unkindness to both human and dog alike. Maggie (the auburn one) is 100% pure Golden retriever and is a tireless youngster. Being the most recent member to the family, she looks up to Abigail with aspiration and respect but this never prevents her from chewing Abigail's face, and turning her ears into "crunch muffins" from her constant gumming. When Shawn is present, no rules apply and here begins a fur flying "smack-down" where human and dog wrestle to exhaustion……Maggie usually wins.

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