Mountain Rose Herbs

The Company

The Company

The company f669166a2db0559837d28f95ff1a29d091a04cbc00e2a284ffa54ece8de7c9d4040ed5131dc79135a0e57d88e90697797682a3065a8e6c29eb6a984ee0eb8abb Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products.Throughout all of these magnificent and developmental years we have always put an emphasis on conducting business in an ethical, responsible, clear, and ecological way; hoping to pave a medium for other blossoming green companies. During this time we have always found it in our nature to purport the advantages of organic agriculture, fund non profit organizations, contribute our time to numerous social and environmental groups, stay involved in community action campaigns, and develop cultivation programs for endangered botanicals. Yet, in the midst of these exciting and sometimes tumultuous times, we have always guaranteed our customers the absolute best in quality organic herbal products at very competitive prices

The People

The people abafe92431a5bc41b566874eba4b409f5afbde883ae50c68cc7b08beb4b46d8de8bf43f4f0a227b4aa0e90420f2c6af944a9f2f1bf2d0fd3c0284df17c078b7a With respect and admiration for the staff at Mountain Rose Herbs, we would like to acknowledge the many bold and beautiful talents they contribute to this world. From art, to music, anthropology and motherhood, to literature and laughter, we are all one big family with an eye on some of the finer things in life. This unabashed love for creativity and expression shows in every order pulled, every package shipped, and the very products manufactured by the hands that keep Mountain Rose Herbs ticking. With this in mind, we hope to have created a simple, yet expressionable smile on your face.

The Farm

The farm 5f44dd988c558b490b981b591eedb55db2def10514a27ddc7134d8a1ff0a14787428d9c8cffc8f833cf48f5b278553bb3e2d29cfcd2c877e9327325a8466f253 Let us not forget the true origins of our products which include the soil, plants, and human hands which nurture and produce all of the products we offer you. A priority is always given to complete soil health and this is done exclusively through our network of family farms all of which passionately grow organic! From our small herbal farms in the greater Willamette Valley and beyond, we promise to deliver a product where absolute respect and admiration was given to amazing and complex nature of healthy organic soil which is the building block for all life as we know it.

The Products

The products f4abb06dceaa2dc519f4548136c966b4927af4f74e6274fbeb86bf4beeb37ef0211edaf496504b1b159116070577203ec89b6d1a96e844926497dbdfd7482b25 All of the products processed and offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are handled, analyzed and supervised by a full time quality control department. Every aspect of all our products, from the procurement, and the receiving, to the processing and packaging, is done in accordance to strict quality control and organic handling procedures. The products we offer you are guaranteed fresh, fragrant and colorful, and unlike traditional suppliers of herbal products who keep their merchandise stored in warehouses for several years, Mountain Rose Herbs will never sell or stock products that are more than a few months from harvest (except for seasonal items). This in itself guarantees you a fresh, and effective botanical preparation. Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has placed a priority on our general health and well-being, and in this time we have completely removed all conventionally grown materials from our product line entirely.