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Aromatherapy Sprays

Aromatherapy SpraysMountain Rose Herbs uses only the finest botanical ingredients to create these lovingly handcrafted healing blends. Simple and effective, we produce our line of aroma sprays using organic distilled floral water and 100% therapeutic quality essential oils. Splash yourself with some fun by liberally spritzing yourself and your surroundings with these pure, natural, and healing aromatherapy sprays.
They may be used as a therapeutic spray, skin toner, general deodorizer, room spray or as a refreshing body mist. Our aromatherapy sprays are not only convenient and revitalizing, but are a sensational way to pamper yourself and your loved ones.
We hope you have as much fun using these delightful sprays as we had in creating

Each Aroma Spray is packaged in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with mister top.

Aphrodite Aroma Spray

Sensual, spicy and fun! This exotic aroma spray is a long time favorite here at Mountain Rose Herbs, and contains oils from some of the most alluring and intoxicating botanicals from around the globe.Use as a body mist, deodorant or room spray.
Contains: Organic Rose Geranium flower water, Witch Hazel extract and essential oils of organic Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Rose Attar and organic Patchouli.

Qty: 2oz Aphrodite Aroma Spray $10.25

Cucumber Mist Aroma Spray

Pure and fresh "summer in a bottle", this has become our affectionate name for this wonderful and irresistible new aroma spray. Merely a mist or two will invoke summertime memories, and perhaps a little bit of salivation from the intoxicating scent of fresh cucumber slices. Refreshing and evocative, this aroma spray smells like freshly cut cucumber straight out of the garden. It is superb as a room freshener, body spritzer, as a facial mist, and it has anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the skin. Who could ask for more?
Contains: Certified Organic Cucumber Hydrosol, Distilled water, and Witch Hazel extract.

Qty: 2oz Cucumber Mist Aroma Spray $10.75

Evening Embrace Aroma Spray

Henry David Thoreau once said "I feel the evening is more novel and less profane than the day" and this aroma spray represents a perfect union for those that hold similar sentiments. This provocative and enigmatic spray is an incredibly rich blend of only the finest oils from the major perfume producing regions of the world and was designed to allure and enchant friends, family and lovers alike.
Contains: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel extract, Amber exude oil, organic Patchouli essential oil, organic Vetiver essential oil, organic Clary Sage essential oil, and a blend of organic carrier oils with Vitamin E.

Qty: 2oz Evening Embrace Aroma Spray $9.25

Gaia Spice Aroma Spray

A rejuvenating, cheerful and balancing mist. This aroma spray has a warming and spicy note, particular for cold gray days and is pleasing to all ages. It is excellent as an all-purpose spray, and is especially wonderful as a deodorizer for bedrooms and bathrooms.
Contains: Distilled water, Witch Hazel extract, and essential oils of organic Orange, organic Cedarwood, Sandalwood and organic Cinnamon.

Qty: 2oz Gaia Spice Aroma Spray $9.25

Green Tara Aroma Spray

An uplifting mist designed to help provide comfort during times of strife and to aide in emotional healing. This gentle and therapeutic aroma spray may either be used as a body mist or as a room spray. Grounding and calming, it has a delicate floral aroma with a subtle tropical undertone.
Contains: Distilled water, Witch Hazel extract and essential oils of Marjoram, Chamomile, organic Rose Geranium, organic Ylang Ylang and organic Vetiver.

Qty: 2oz Green Tara Aroma Spray $9.25

Moon Moods Aroma Spray

Designed to alleviate the emotional, off-center, and frustrating moments associated with our menstrual moon cycles. Although this aroma spray was specially formulated for the moon time; it may be used daily for better balancing of the emotions. The pleasant floral scent is wonderful as a body mist or room spray.
Contains: Organic Lavender flower water, Witch Hazel extract and essential oils of Chamomile, Marjoram, organic Cypress and organic Rose Geranium.

Qty: 2oz Moon Moods Aroma Spray $9.25

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