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Plant Identification & Gardening Books

We have searched the horizon in pursuit of fine books and educational tools that encourage and foster herbal living. Each and every offering was handpicked as a staff favorite and we wholeheartedly recommended them to you.

Foraging & Feasting

  • By Dina Falconi, 2013 (hardcover, 230 pages)

Foraging & Feasting is a wild foods cookbook that celebrates and reclaims the lost art of turning locally gathered wild plants into nutritious and delicious meals. With the combined efforts of herbalist Dina Falconi and botanical illustrator Wendy Hollender this colorful text features 50 beautiful and instructive botanical illustrations of over 100 different recipes.

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Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs

  • By Richo Cech, 2017 (softcover, 324 pages)

With Growing At-Risk Medicinal Herbs Oregon seed grower and author Richo Cech provides step-by-step instructions to the cultivation of rare botanicals. Including everything from plant ecology, starting seeds, harvesting, processing, and storage, this book is a one-stop resource.

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Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards

  • 48 cards
Herbs and Medicinal Plants Knowledge Cards

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These informative cards come packaged in a boxed deck and provide an extremely convenient method for practicing botanical identification skills on the go. Each deck includes 48 plants featuring nineteenth century botanical illustrations accompanied by text describing their appearance, habitat, and traditional uses. These cards are an excellent educational resource, and make a great gift for those new to herbalism as well as seasoned botanists.

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Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West

  • By Michael Moore, 2003 (softcover, 359 pages)

Renowned herbalist and teacher Michael Moore presents a one-of-a-kind guide covering over 300 species of plants ranging from Baja California to Southeast Alaska with Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West. Featuring both native and introduced species within the region, this attractive book features maps, line drawings, and color photographs.

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The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants

  • By Katie Letcher Lyle, 2016 (softcover, 223 pages)

All kinds of plants and fungi on the market are bountiful outdoors. With The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits and Nuts by Katie Letcher Lyle, learn how to enjoy these gifts of nature through understanding when to harvest them, and how to identify, prepare, and eat them as well.

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The Medicinal Herb Grower

  • By Richo Cech, 2009 (softcover, 159 pages)

Beloved Oregon herb grower and author Richo Cech offers The Medicinal Herb Grower which covers multiple aspects of herb growing that many books seem to neglect. This book details the observation of plants in nature, planting with the seasons, creating plant habitat, crop diversity, and so much more.

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