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Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

The Mountain Rose Herbs website and the technologies used to transmit your order are double protected through both Thwarte and Stronghold security systems, and they are verified through third party GeoTrust certification. When you place an order online with Mountain Rose Herbs, the connection that transmits your data is secure through SSL 256 bit encryption technology.

Our Security Policy

Since our beginnings as a mail order shop in 1987, we have NEVER sold or traded any of our customer information, nor have we ever jeopardized that information or your privacy.

Usually, when we place orders online, all of our personal information including credit card information is stored on the company's website server or Internet connected server. It can reside there for months and even years, ripe for the opportunity of theft.

Mountain Rose Herbs does not employ this practice.

Immediately after you place an online order with Mountain Rose Herbs, only a small handful of authorized employees have access to your order, and they will promptly print out your order for further processing in our offices. Following this step, they then delete it from the server immediately. We do not let your information sit idly on a server, and no part of your personal or financial information is ever stored on any computer with an outside connection to a publicly accessible network (Internet).

All hard copy orders that have been printed, processed, and shipped are further filed in a secure and protected environment, and then burned after a predetermined time.

Websites that you buy from might not be the only security threat to be concerned about. Many companies contract third parties or outside credit card processing services. We DO NOT contract our credit card processing services to any outside organization. It is all done within our own facilities by our own staff.

Our Privacy Policy

Since our start in 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs has never sacrificed our customers’ personal information for the purpose of extending marketing relationships with outside firms. We have never sold, traded, or rented our mailing list or customer information. We make the decision to protect your privacy because that’s how we want to be treated. It’s just the right thing to do.

With regard to your online privacy, we collect the following pieces of information:

  • When you subscribe to any of our email communications or newsletters, your email address will be stored on a third party server. You may completely remove your name from this by unsubscribing at anytime.
  • When you add items to your shopping cart, a “product identifier” cookie is placed on your computer to remember the items added to your cart, so when you come back at a later time they will still be there.
  • We monitor our web logs by employing the use of “stat counters,” which assist us in determining possible page incompatibilities, dead links, the most useful pages to our customers, and to help us create richer content. We do not store information about YOU but rather we track information on the performance of our website, and the only identifiable information recorded is your computer’s IP address. This tool is solely used to help us improve the content of the site.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs uses cookies to collect information and enable specific technology solutions used to enhance our online advertising. This information is used to improve your online shopping experience and does not jeopardize your personal information such as name, address, or billing information.

Our promise to you is that we will never sell, share, or trade your information. We do not sell your buying habits. Every bit of information you have given to us stays safely with us…period.

Security Certificate

To view our current security certificate, please click here: Security Certificate