Apricot Kernel Meal

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Apricot Kernel Meal


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Suggested Use

Cosmetic use only


Our Apricot kernel meal is naturally sourced from GMO free varieties. This material is finely ground from the pits or kernels of the apricot fruit. While most of the product is finely ground, there will be traces of less finely ground granules. This material produces a gritty sensation for soaps, facial scrubs and exfoliating body care products. It works well as a stand-alone application that can be applied to the skin or it can be included with other ingredients in developing your final product. Apricot Kernel meal provides great exfoliation properties to bar soap and other body care products, and can be used in smaller amounts to achieve the same exfoliation properties as pumice. Simply add the powder directly to your recipe and blend well before adding essential oils. For external use only.

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