Australian Sandalwood Roll-On

Certified Organic

  • OG
  • 10 mL roll-on bottle
Australian Sandalwood Roll-On



Warm and comforting organic Australian sandalwood essential oil is ready for use in a skin-safe 2% dilution. Our pre-diluted roll-on oils are hand blended in small batches at our kitchen and are easy to take anywhere from your bag or backpack, to your car or pocket!

Organic fractionated coconut MCT oil is an ideal carrier oil, as it is unscented and absorbs into skin quickly without leaving an oily feeling. Use this roll-on on pulse points as an earthy perfume or apply directly to a clean face and gently rub in to support radiant skin. Sandalwood essential oil is said to be emotionally calming and grounding.

Sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years as a spiritual tool, and equally as long in topical applications. In some spiritual practices sandalwood is applied to the center of the forehead, also known as the third eye. There is no other scent quite like sandalwood as it is warm, resinous, sweet, balsamic, slightly bitter, woodsy, and utterly intoxicating all at the same time!

Our organic Australian sandalwood is grown and harvested on environmentally responsible and ethically managed plantations in Western Australia. Sandalwood harvesting in Australia is subject to strict governmental regulation and oversight by the WA Department of Environment and Conservation.

Organic fractionated coconut MCT oil and organic Australian sandalwood essential oil.