Avocado Oil: Culinary Bottle

Certified Organic & Fair Trade Certified & Kosher Certified

  • OG
  • FT
  • K
  • Persea americana
  • Origin: Kenya
  • 8.5 oz bottle
Avocado Oil: Culinary Bottle



Our unrefined, certified organic avocado oil is cold pressed from the soft green flesh that surrounds the pit of an avocado. This smooth, nutty oil is more than 50% monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocado oil is perfect for sautéing fish, sweet potatoes or plantains, and also has a variety of raw applications such as a dipping oil or vinaigrette. It can also be substituted for butter or shortening. While refined avocado oil is often touted for high heat applications up to 500 degrees, our unrefined avocado oil has a lower smoke point and is best suited for temperatures not exceeding 350 degrees. Because of the relatively unstable nature of this oil it is recommended that you use the material soon after receiving it, and store away from heat and light. Refrigeration is recommended for this oil.

This 8.5 oz. culinary oil bottle is perfect for the kitchen and creates a wonderful gift for the gourmet chef or kitchen enthusiast in your life. Our culinary oil bottles are made from soda lime glass and contain 50% recycled material. The beautiful labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Bulk sizes of this delightful oil are available in our standard plastic bottles. You can find them here: Avocado Oil

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