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Birch Leaf

Betula pendula Origin: Poland

Birch Leaf

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Also known as

Betula alba and Betula spp.
Plant Family: Betulaceae


The birch is a soft-wooded tree native to northerly climates. The leaves are wedged shaped and have a pleasant odor but a bitter taste. Birch trees have a strong connection with the celebration of Beltane. This may be due to the fact that birch trees are among the first to come into leaf, and therefore would have made a obvious choice as a representation of spring. Samuel Coleridge called them the “Lady of the woods”, but this may have been an existing folk term of the time.


Hyperoside, quercetin.

Parts Used

Dried leaf.

Typical Preparations

Tea or tincture. Dr. Jim Duke advises that you can make your own tincture by putting two teaspoons of bark in a cup of vodka and letting it steep for a couple of days.


For best results, you should also take unsweetened cranberry or blueberry juice.


Don’t use birch leaf if you are already taking another diuretic, especially if you are taking Lasix (furosemide).

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