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Camelina Oil

Camelina sativa

Camelina Oil


Botanical Name

Camelina sativa



Method of extraction

Expeller Pressed and unrefined

Suggested use

Food and cosmetic use

Kosher Certified


Camelina seed oil is very similar to flax in appearance and properties but it has a much more stable shelf life and is not prone to rancidity. This delicious oil can be used for food and cosmetic purposes and comes packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and anti-oxidants. Great for the skin, hair and eyes, the nourishing properties are also popularly used as an oil additive for our animal companion’s food. This oil makes an excellent choice for natural cosmetics and especially hair care formulas.

Considered by many in the US as a weed, it was known as the “gold of pleasure”, and is still sold and marketed under this name in some parts of the world. Camelina is a small annual shrub with small pale yellow or greenish yellow flowers. It is referred to as false flax because it is often found growing in flax fields. Traditionally it was used for oil in lamps, and as feed for livestock. Recently, it has been looked at for its viability as a bio fuel alternative to corn and as a nutritional supplement for farm and domesticated animals. Because of its unrefined nature it has a deep color, heavy herbaceous odor and nutty flavor.

Typical Analysis

Color- Dark Olive/Gold
Odor- Herbaceous and Green
Free Fatty Acids- 0.6
Peroxide Value- less than 2
Iodine Value- 150-160
Specific Gravity- 0.97

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