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Aloe, Cape Powder

Also known as

Aloe ferox, and Cape Aloe

Please note: A different species of aloe called Aloe barbadensis (Curacao aloe) is the common species predominantly used to produce Aloe gel and juice. Cape aloe or Aloe ferox, is produced by drying the inner fillet of the leaf and milling it into powder. The end result is a powder which is green-brown in color.


Alexander the Great is said to have sent his army from Greece to an island off the coast of Somalia just to obtain its crop of aloe.


Aloe-emodin, arginine, magnesium, salicylates, serine, vitamin C, and complex polysaccharides including acemannan.

Parts Used

The inner fillet of the leaf, dehydrated and powdered.

Typical Preparations

“Bitter Aloe” is a dried latex taken from the “peel” of the leaves, more precisely the double wall of the leaf’s water sacs. When bitter aloe is first extracted from the leaf, it is yellow, turning brown as it dries.

The type of Cape Aloe sold by Mountain Rose Herbs is made from the inner fillet of the leaf and is dehydrated and powdered.


Aloe is not recommended for deeper wounds because it causes the skin to tighten too soon, hindering the recovery of the deeper layers.


Internally, Cape aloe and its cousins are not recommended while nursing or pregnant. It is a bulk forming laxative and adequate fluids must be taken. Use of this herb may cause gastrointestinal upset and watery stools. Not recommended for long term use.

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