Chakra Essential Oil Kit

  • Eight different essential oil blends
Chakra Essential Oil Kit



Welcome harmony into your life with essential oil blends that have been crafted for each of the seven chakras. Our specially formulated aromas contain essential oils to nourish and align the seven energy houses of the body. Meditate on each chakra to support a spiritual balance through visualization, or focus on one particular chakra in need of vital energy. Distilled or cold pressed from organic botanicals, these chakra essential oil blends are pure and undiluted for your spiritual practice.

Each sampler set comes with storage tips for your essential oils, dilution tips, useful preparations for your blends, two droppers for counting and measuring, and detailed chakra and essential oil blend descriptions.

With new larger sizes, our Chakra Essential Oil Sampler Set includes 1/8th ounce (1 dram) bottles of eight different essential oil blends:
Root Chakra Blend
Navel Chakra Blend
Solar Plexus Chakra Blend
Heart Chakra Blend
Throat Chakra Blend
Third Eye Chakra Blend
Crown Chakra Blend
Chakra Balance Blend


General: Essential oils are very concentrated and highly volatile. Never use them undiluted, in the eyes or on mucus membranes. Do not take internally unless working with a licensed practitioner. Keep away from children and pets. If applying to your skin, perform a patch test first.

Root Chakra Blend: organic Australian sandalwood, organic ginger, and organic cinnamon leaf.

Navel Chakra Blend: tangerine and organic bergamot.

Solar Plexus Chakra Blend: organic basil and organic lemon.

Heart Chakra Blend: organic geranium, organic palmarosa, and organic helichrysum.

Throat Chakra Blend: organic cypress and organic fir needle.

Third Eye Chakra Blend: organic lavender and organic ylang ylang.

Crown Chakra Blend: organic spearmint, organic clary sage, and organic lavender.

Chakra Balance Blend: organic sweet orange, organic lavender, myrrh, and organic clove bud.