Conceiving Healthy Babies

  • By Dawn Combs, 2014 (softcover, 375 pages)
Conceiving Healthy Babies

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Drawing on the author's own personal triumph over infertility, Conceiving Healthy Babies is a unique herbal guide geared to helping couples achieve balance in preconception, pregnancy, lactation, and beyond. Packed with detailed information on hundreds of different herbs, with a focus on their roles in building healthy babies, this comprehensive manual is a road map to well-being.

The reference guide is rounded out by complete information on herbal use before, during, and post-pregnancy, and special attention is paid to nursing and lactation. Whether you have experienced challenges in conceiving or just want to ensure that your pregnancy is as natural and uncomplicated as possible, this is an indispensable guide.

Health babies don't just happen. The lifestyle of the prospective parents is a crucial factor in promoting fertility and ensuring a successful pregnancy. Use this helpful guide to take on the important responsibility of creating the optimum health and nutritional conditions for the childbearing year.