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Cyprus Flake Salt

Cyprus Flake Salt


Trade Name

Cyprus Flake Salt




Naturally evaporated sea salt


The production process can take up to two years, in order to achieve the perfect balance of weather and temperature to create the right texture and flavor. The salt pyramids are approximately 4-12 mm in size (low to high points). Kosher certified through Earth Kosher.


Cyprus Flake Sea Salt is a large white pyramid shaped crystal formed from naturally evaporated sea salt on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. These beautiful flaky crystals contain no anti-caking or free-flowing additives or conditioners. Cyprus Flake is not ionized/iodized. These natural sea salt flakes are made in the traditional manner, through the evaporation of seawater. The sea water is channeled through a series of ponds or into shallow lagoons. The water is then fed into large pans where it is slowly heated until delicate pyramid crystals form.

Beneficial Properties

Cypriots used this salt to preserve food before the advent of refrigeration. In addition, Cyprus Salt (like all sea salts) contains beneficial trace minerals.

The typical constituents for Cyprus Flake salt are as follows (% of DV):
Sodium (NaCl) 98.19%
Calcium (Ca) 0.09%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.05%
Water, H2O 0.16%
SO4 0.56%
Potassium 0.03%
Insoluble 0.06%

History of Salt

Cyprus Flake Salt has been harvested for centuries from the lakes and salt rocks on the island of Cyprus. In ancient and medieval times, salt was a major export for Cyprus and a product that was highly appreciated in foreign markets. There is a saying on the island, “we ate bread and salt together” to indicate that two people have developed a strong bond because they have gone through difficult times together.

General Instructions

Cyprus Flake Salt can be used for a variety of applications including finishing, seasoning, baking, brining and gourmet food products. They look lovely as a rimming salt for mixed drinks or atop gourmet salted caramels.


None known, though high consumption of salt can result in numerous negative health effects.

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