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Yellow Dock Extract

  • Rumex crispus
Yellow Dock Extract


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Extracted from: Fresh root
Herb:Alcohol Ratio 1:2


Yellow dock has long curly leaves that appear to have been "crisped" at their edges. It bears multiple clusters of three-winged flowers. Its seeds are green in the summer but they become deep red as they mature.

The root of yellow dock bright yellow below the bark. The root is the part of the plant used in herbal medicine, harvested in late summer after the seeds have begun to turn red.

Packaging and Shipping

1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz. extracts come in amber glass bottles with a dropper.

8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes come in amber glass with a plastic screw cap and do not include a dropper. These sizes are produced to order. Please allow an additional three days for processing.

Typical Preparations

Traditionally used as a tea or tincture, and may be taken in capsule form.


If you experience cramping, you've taken too much. Start with the smallest recommended dose (usually 6 grams or 3 rounded teaspoons a day) and increase dosage slowly until you get the desired effect. Unlike small doses of rhubarb, small doses of yellow dock are not constipating.

Don't take yellow dock or any other stimulant laxative if you take Lasix (furosemide); the combination can lead to potassium depletion. Not known to be safe during pregnancy, although no complications have ever been reported. Not recommended for use while suffering from Kidney stones.

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