Fringe Tree Bark

Wildharvested & Kosher Certified

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  • Chionanthus virginicus
  • Origin: USA
Fringe Tree Bark


Common Name

Standardized: fringe tree

Botanical Name

Chionanthus virginicus L.
Plant Family: Oleaceae


Native to the North American continent, fringe tree is a small tree or shrub that is predominantly found in the Eastern United States from Tennessee to Pennsylvania. It showcases white flowers with fringe-like petals in June, giving the plant its name. The white fringe of the flowers looks like ethereal cotton or white clouds. It has large leaves like those of the magnolia. It has all but eluded modern horticulturists in growing it on a commercial scale, either by cutting or grafting. Most plants seen in gardens are from seeds which require over two years to germinate.

Uses And Preparations

Dried bark. Fringe tree bark can be brewed as a tea infusion or decoction or macerated in menstruum of choice for an herbal extract.


No known precautions.
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