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Garcinia Fruit

Also known as

Malabar tamarind, Brindal Berry, Gambooge, and Vrikshamla. Other species Garcinia cambogia.


Garcinia fruit is indigenous to India and parts of Asia, where it is primarily used as a condiment and ingredient in various recipes.


Very small amounts of essential oil containing about 50% carvone.

Parts Used

The dried fruit, whole or cut.

Typical Preparations

May be infused in tea although quite distasteful and may be taken as a capsule or extract.


Garcinia has been used for thousands of years for the distinct sour taste that it lends to foods, and is considered to make the foods it is added to more filling and satisfying.


Clinical studies confirm that HCA is safe for the heart. Consult your physician, however, before using garcinia fruit for weight loss if you take statin drugs for cholesterol. Not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Should not be taken by those with diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease as it may negatively effect blood sugar levels.

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