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Garlic Minced

Allium sativum Origin: USA

Garlic Minced


Also Known As

Allium sativum
Plant Family: Liliaceae


Garlic has been used medicinally, and as a culinary ingredient, for over 5000 years. World folklore is littered with references to its ability to protect us, such as in ancient Greece, where mid-wives hung cloves of garlic on the windows to ward off evil spirits during childbirth. Ancient Koreans ate pickled garlic before passing through the mountains to keep tigers away as it was believed that they hated the smell. The Egyptians used to swear on cloves of garlic in the same way we swear on the Bible today as an act of indicating an honest testimony. It was so highly valued that 15 pounds of garlic could purchase a healthy male slave. The Greeks also used it extensively: These health promoting benefits may be experienced by using garlic as both a food ingredient and a dietary supplement. Garlic is odiferous, tasty, and medicinal. The first medical textbook known to have discussed the use of garlic in medicine was the Collection of Commentaries on the Classic of the Materia Medica (Ben Cao Zhing Zhi Ju), written over 1,500 years ago.


Allicin, citral, geraniol, linalool, phellandrene, s-methyl-1-cysteine sulfoxide.

Parts Used


Typical Preparations

Garlic oil can be applied topically, and diced garlic with Epsom salts treats skin abscesses.

May be used liberally in food as a powder, granule or chopped. For convenience it may also be taken as a capsule.


Do not apply to the skin for more than 2 weeks at a time. Avoid when there is fever in long-term deficiency conditions (AIDS, cancer, etc.).

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