Herbalist Visions & Visionaries

  • By Jesse Wolf Hardin, 2018 (softcover, 508 pages)
Herbalist Visions & Visionaries



Be inspired in your path through the wisdom contained within the pages of Herbalist Visions & Visionaries. Read the stories of renowned, influential herbalists as well as exciting new voices in the herbal community in this eclectic collection of interviews conducted by Jesse Wolf Hardin of Plant Healer Magazine.

Filled with first-hand accounts from herbal clinicians, edge-dwelling health activists, plant philosophers, botanists, folk herbalists, gardeners, and myriads of other people in the plant healer community, this tome is sure to become a jewel of historic lore in your collection.

Even if you have been a clinician for decades, these pages contain new ideas, insights, and information that may benefit your work. If you come with limited herbal experience, you may find that this book helps to awaken, deepen, or propel your own life's purpose and your relationship with plants and mycelium.

This work contains 20 new interviews and 10 extended in-depth conversations with practitioners such as Rae Swersey, Juanita Nelson, Phyllis Hogan, Rosemary Gladstar, Jim McDonald, Phyllis D. Light, Paul Bergner, Kiva Rose Harden, David Hoffman, and so many more. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge informed by personal experience!