Mountain Rose Herbs

Kukui Nut Oil

Aleurites moluccans

Kukui Nut Oil


Botanical Name

Aleurites moluccans



Method of extraction

Cold Pressed and Refined

Suggested use

Cosmetic use only

Kosher Certified


The kukui nut tree is the official tree of Hawaii, and has been used by natives for hundreds of years. They recognized the oil’s high penetrability and soothing properties, and utilize it in helping sooth sunburns and chapped skin. It is a fabulous ingredient in cosmetics, or utilized as a stand-alone application. Kukui nut oil contains high levels of the essential fatty acids linoleic and alpha-linolenic. This oil is readily absorbed into the skin, providing tissues the essential elements that it needs. Keep away from high temperatures and direct light. It is a semi-clear liquid having little or no odor, and blends well with most formulations.

The kukui nut tree was first brought to Hawaii by early Polynesian settlers. It quickly adapted, and is now Hawaii ‘s official state tree. Kukui means ‘enlightenment’ in Hawaiian. Kukui nut oil was also used to massage members of royalty, who were sometimes massaged for seven or more hours! Kukui nut oil is an excellent oil to add to your body care products, especially your creams, lotions, and massage oils. Kukui nut oil should not be exposed to high temperatures. You can also use it for an oil treatment on dry hair and scalp, or add a few drops to your bath water for a luxurious treat.

Typical Analysis

Color- Light Yellow
Odor- Characteristic
Free Fatty Acids- less than 0.05
Non-Saponifiables- less than 1%
Saponification Value- 193
Iodine Value- 161
Specific Gravity- 0.923
pH- 4.61

Fatty Acids
Oleic- 25.4%
Palmitic- 6.0%
Alpha-Linolenic- 25.6%
Linoleic- 39.8%

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