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Black Lava Salt

Black Lava Salt


Trade Name

Black Lava Salt, Lava Salt, and Black Hawaiian Salt

Method of Production

Hawaiian ocean water is drawn into complex array of filters and will go through a reverse osmosis process. From here the water is evaporated through a sophisticated solar evaporation method leaving behind the finished salt product which is hand collected and further infused or “bathed” in activated Coconut shell charcoal.


Black lava salt should not be confused with the Black Salt of India. Black lava has an earthy flavor and smoky top note that distinguishes itself from many other finishing salts.

Medicinal Properties

Black Lava salt contains many trace minerals that are essential to the human body. The typical constituents for each lot of Black Lava sold is as follows Boron- 2.5 ppm Chloride- 58.24% Calcium- 0.16% Fluoride- 3 ppm Iodine- 0.11 ppm Iron- 2.06 ppm Magnesium- 0.34% Manganese- 1.4 ppm Potassium- 0.20% Sodium- 35.94%

Cosmetic Properties

Black Lava salt has incredible detoxifying qualities that have yet to be fully explored by the body care community. Its use is prolific in salt scrubs, exfoliates, scrubs, and masks, and black lava salt is a popularly used product by many spas across the country


Black Lava salt should not be used during the actual cooking process as it will dissolve and the added black elements will simply settle to the bottom as a residue. It should be used as a finishing salt after the fact, where its bold taste can be savored and fully enjoyed. It goes well with all types of seafood, salads, vegetables, and even some deserts.


None known, though high consumption of salt can result in numerous negative health effects.

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