Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

Lobelia Extract

  • Lobelia inflata
Lobelia Extract



Extracted from: Fresh plant
Herb:Alcohol Ratio- 1:2

Also known as

Lobelia inflate, Asthma Weed, Indian Tobacco, Pukeweed, Vomitwort


Lobelia has a long history of therapeutic and ritual use.


lobeline (substance similar to nicotine)

Typical Preparations

Lobelia is best used as a tea or in smoking blends. It may be smoked directly but can be nauseating for some folks. Seldom found in extract and capsule form.


Because of its similarity to nicotine, lobelia may be dangerous to susceptible populations, including children, pregnant women, and individuals with cardiac disease. Excessive use will cause nausea and vomiting. Not recommended for use by pregnant women. It is best administered by a practitioner qualified in its use.

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