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Macadamia Nut Oil: Culinary Bottle

Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

  • OG
  • K
  • Macadamia integrifolia
  • Origin: Kenya
  • 8.5 oz bottle
Macadamia Nut Oil: Culinary Bottle


Our certified organic macadamia nut oil is a decadent and delicious choice for your culinary needs. Macadamia nut oil has a relatively high smoke point, so it is a perfect choice for sautéing and stir-frying that will impart a subtle, nutty flavor to your gastronomic creations. This oil makes an excellent vegan alternative to butter in cakes, cookies, and other recipes that call for liquid fats. Typically, you need less macadamia nut oil to replace the amount of butter or vegetable oil that is called for in the recipe. This oil can also be used as a dip for bread or crackers, and adding a pinch of your favorite culinary herbs creates a wonderfully synergistic flavor combination.

This 8.5 oz. culinary oil bottle is perfect for the kitchen and creates a wonderful gift for the gourmet chef or kitchen enthusiast in your life. Our culinary oil bottles are made from soda lime glass and contain 50% recycled material. The beautiful labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Bulk sizes of this delightful oil are available in our standard plastic bottles. You can find them here: Macadamia Nut Oil

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