Matcha Tea

Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

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  • Origin: Japan
Matcha Tea



Matcha tea is a deeply alluring beverage containing rich historic roots within Japanese tea drinking ceremonies. Matcha, which literally means "finely powdered tea," is made from young green tea leaves and is strictly harvested from certified organic plantations. With a bold color and mildly sweet flavor, we are sure that most will find this tea to be purely delectable. Our ceremonial grade Matcha is shade-grown in the Kyoto Prefecture. Be sure to see the Matcha brewing tools we have available on our Tea Accessories page.

Our 3.5oz size comes to you in a reusable glass amber jar. The 8oz and 1lb sizes are packaged in lined kraft bags.


Initial green tingle with a refined body and fluent polish.


Refreshing with a grassy green prominence.



Caffeine content

Contains caffeine