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Mesquite Powder

Certified Organic & Kosher Certified

  • OG
  • K
  • Prosopis pallida
  • Origin: Peru
Mesquite Powder

Common Name

Standardized: mesquite
Other: kiawe

Botanical Name

Prosopis pallida (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Kunth
Plant Family: Fabaceae


This tree is known for its ability to withstand the harsh desert climates of the Americas, and is known as the "desert miracle" for this reason and for the nutritive seed pods that it produces. It is considered invasive in some areas, as its long taproot is extremely effective in drawing nutrients and may deprive neighboring plants.

Parts Used

Dried fruit (seed pods) milled into powder.

Typical Preparations

The seed pods are usually powdered or floured or used to make a syrup called algarrobina. Whole pods are used for animal feed. The wood is utilized in the lumber industry.


A staple food of indigenous cultures, mesquite powder provides a unique flavor to a wide variety of culinary preparations; from baking to cooking, seasoning, and even barbeques. Naturally sweet molasses-like flavor with rich nutty hints similar to carob. It is a tasty addition to smoothies and "super" shakes, coffee, baked goods, and chocolates. The high fiber levels take a long time to assimilate.


No known precautions.
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