Classic Chai

Certified Organic & Made with Fair Trade Ingredients & Kosher Certified

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Classic Chai



This warm, piquant, and delightful blend was formally known as Oregon Chai. A great alternative for those who wish to avoid large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and dairy products, which are commonly found in commercial chai products. A delicious beverage that is sure to tickle your taste buds!


Deep, earthy, and warming. This beverage is hearty with a spicy allure.


Strong and irresistible combination of whole spices.

Brewed color and time

Amber with orange tones. 5-10 minutes

Caffeine content

Contains caffeine


Organic ginger root, organic cinnamon bark, organic and fair trade Darjeeling tea, organic cardamom, organic and fair trade cloves, and organic and fair trade nutmeg.