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Organic Body Care Recipes

  • By Stephanie Tourles, 2007 (softcover, 377 pages)
Organic Body Care Recipes


Nurture your natural beauty and be your beautiful best, inside and out! Discover the joy and fun of crafting your own personalized body care products using herbs and other natural ingredients that nourish, pamper, cleanse, and protect the skin without using irritating or harmful chemicals.

Organic Body Care Recipes shows you how to whip up dozens of organic treatments that will make your face and skin radiantly grow, hair lustrously shine, and hands and nails smooth and beautiful. From head to toe, you'll find the perfect treatment for every part of your body, whether you're looking for a relaxing bath blend, a stimulating facial mask, a natural bug repellent, a refreshing mouthwash, or a sensual body cream.