Rooibos, Red Tea

Certified Organic & Fair Trade Certified & Kosher Certified

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  • Aspalathus linearis
  • Origin: South Africa
Rooibos, Red Tea



An exquisite red tea from the highest mountain peaks of South Africa. Rooibos is an ultra-fine, delicate tea, and once brewed it produces a hearty red color with a warm scent. Rooibos holds a superior, natural sweetness that is unsurpassed and drinks down like Kukicha tea. Smooth and succulent with an aromatic after taste. This tea is very high in anti-oxidants, trace minerals, and nutrients, and can be easily incorporated into the daily diet.


Semi-sweet with a resemblance to honey and roses.


Rich, succulent, and enchanting.

Brewed color and time

Red. 3-4 minutes

Caffeine content

Caffeine free