Mountain Rose Herbs

Safflower Oil

Botanical Name
Carthamus tinctorius


Method of extraction
Expeller Pressed and Unrefined

Suggested use
Food and cosmetic use

Kosher Certified

A highly moisturizing oil with an exceptionally high amount of linoleic acid. Deeply soothing and one of the first choices for skin care recipes requiring moisturizing benefits. The grade of Safflower oil we offer is High Linoleic and makes an exemplary dietary and cosmetic oil. Stores well under any condition but extreme heat and light will lessen the shelf life.

Typical Analysis
Color- Clear with a light yellow hue
Odor- Characteristic
Acid Value- less than 10.0
Peroxide Value- less than 10
Saponification Value- 180-200
Iodine Value- 130-150
Refractive Index - 1.4710-1.4810

Fatty Acids
Oleic- 8-30%
Palmitic- 4-10%
Linoleic- 68-85%
Linolenic- less than 0.5%
Stearic- 1-5%

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